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This is a honest review from my customer for IPS122

I really love this thing.

Learning curve is steep; I was frustrated to the point of almost returning it because of my impatience. Thankfully with a little more persistence and help from all the tips and vids out there I finally was able to start riding. One big tip that helped me was to stop looking down at my feet and keep my head up and look ahead to where I want to go; my body was able to figure out how to stay upright on its own.

Now I've enjoyed riding amongst the throng of tourists at the memorials in Washington, DC, gliding and weaving through them with ease, being stopped occasionally to answer questions about my new toy. I've zipped around Old Town Alexandria, VA to experience much of the same. I've taken leisurely "strolls" through some local parks being able to enjoy the scenery and yet not feeling exerted or strained by the beating sun because of the breeze from riding. So far it's been a very pleasurable experience.

So I've talked about my escapades but what about the unit itself? Not having anything similar I can compare it too here's what I can say:

-It's heavy and clunky to carry around, but from what I know of the genre it is typical. Spend your time riding it and not carrying it.

-It's fast enough for me. I've not measured any specific speeds, but I'd put it at the same speed as a leisurely bike ride. I was able to easily catch up to and surpass all joggers I encountered. If I try to push the speed, the unit gently raises the pedals to tilt me backward and forces me to slow down a little.

-There's no padding on this thing whatsoever, so be prepared for some bruised shins and ankles while you're learning. Once you learn it, the lack of padding is not as big a deal, but still it would be nice. So ergonmically this thing gets a "Meh," but I'm not docking any stars because of it.

-Battery life so far is sufficient. The most I've gone on one charge is 12 miles split between several locations. According to the battery indicator (which is kind of pathetic; the power button blinks green once per second when there is between 33% and 67% left on the charge, blinks faster when it dips below 33%, and blinks red when it goes below 10% I think) I had at least 33% left, but how accurate that is I don't know. My feet tired out before the battery did. We'll see if that remains to be the case a few months from now.

-It's rugged. When I was learning to ride it took a couple of hard falls and even crashed itself into a solid concrete wall at a good speed a few times. It's definitely scratched up but it has maintained it's shape and functions as well as ever.

-Beauty contest winner this is not, but it does have a stark functional aesthetic that I appreciate. The big "IPS" lettering and red battery housing are the only attempts at beautification and I do not find them unpleasant.

Like I said, I really love this thing. I find myself waiting for the work day to be over so I can hop on for a little bit and enjoy a taste of flying on the ground. I look forward to times when I can ride for an extended period. It's fun to see the stares of wonder and hear the gasps of "Oh wow I want one!" as I zip by. I'm evangelizing widespread use of these things because I believe everyone should have as much joy as I have when I ride. So stop reading and get yours now!!

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Ips 122 is my first euc and this review is on the spot. The only issue Ive had so far is not hearing the beeping sound when the tiltback kicks in near noisy places like roads etc but once you get used to the speed its awesome. 

Had one fall so far, accidently tilted the unit to much when turning and scraped one of the sidesteps on the pavement and fell, bruising my hands and getting a light bump on my head. Id say that this units lower speed is probably really good for a starter unit and learning how to ride these wonderful machines. 

The last point for me when picking this one was the 30 angle climbing, since I live in a place with lots of hills etc having an unit that can climb em was crucial.

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