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Does anyone have the contact details for Inmotion Support?


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I have been trying to make contact with Inmotion for weeks now the following are all the email addresses I have used, I'll have to be honest Inmotion might make good wheels but the customer service is not a very good experience. The wheel is less than a year old and should still be covered under warranty. 

info@imscv.com (went through no reply)

service@imscv.com (went through no reply)

king.ma@imscv.com (bounced back)

chenlihong@imscv.com (bounced back)

Used the support page https://www.inmotionworld.com/services twice and no reply

Don't know who else to contact if any one else can help would be greatly appreciated.

The issue is with the app since changing phones from IPhone to Android I can't seem to get the app to work anymore. I have logged out of the iPhone and detached it from the iPhone but it doesn't matter what I try it won't work on the Android. It didn't worry me before but I dropped it a few weeks back and now for some reason tilt back is now at 20kph so that is why I need to get it to work and reset the speed.

I can't use any other apps as they can not find the wheel it seems the Bluetooth is messed up.


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@Bobwheel is Inmotion USA but can probably connect you with someone to help you.

Is your new Android running Android Oreo (V8)? Many of us are having trouble connecting with Oreo. The latest release of wheellog which you can download from the thread on here has a hack to make it connect. In that you can adjust pedal angle and tiltback speed. This may solve your immediate issue. 

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On 5/14/2018 at 2:48 AM, Goodman said:

Yes I am running version 8.0 and thanks for the information I will try wheellog when I get home appreciate your help, fingers crossed that it works.

Check my latest comments on the WheelLog thread. They detail an app to use to find the V8 MAC on a Windows 8 or 10 PC for you to then enter into WheelLog. It worked for me and WheelLog is now connected to my V8 again for the first time in months. Honestly with WheelLog you'll rarely need the original app unless you need to perform calibration of the giro or to make new light patterns.

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I did try and use wheellog the other day and it didn't work but I will follow these new instructions hopefully I can get it to work when I get home.

On a good note I did get a reply finally from Inmotion so I will see how that goes also.

Thanks @WARPed1701D for all your advice.

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