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Providence June 7th, 2018


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Mayor of Providence, RI hosts bike the night every first Thursday of every quarter.

Planning on attending again this June 7th, but hoping to have other euc riders join in.

Rode with them last October, had a great time, met some fun people, and explored the city.



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17 hours ago, houseofjob said:


Was contemplating coming to my Brown Reunion for Campus Dance the 25th-26th with my new V10F in tow.

I hope you can ride with us.

My son and I will not feel like the odd ones out if other euc riders are there. 

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Can’t do that week but will definitely be there the day of the 26th if you want for ride! (albeit somewhat limited being on my MTen3)

Might try to band some of the NYC riders for a trip up to Providence to ride, as I know it is a good ride up there! (did Boston last year with a couple of rider friends)

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