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Bluetooth Connection between NInebot PTR and iPhone

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Good morning, 

I am glad to find this forum to change some questions/answers with other Ninebot owners ?

I've bought my Ninebot PTR Elite+ some days ago and it's really funy to drive.
One thing bothers me, I am not able to save the Bluetooth pairing password of my Ninebot.


I have to enter it every time again when I switch on the Ninebot.

My wife doesn't have this problem with her Ninebot Mini.

Someone has the same Issues with his Ninebot PTR Elite+?

Looking forward to a feedback.

Greetings from Germany 



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Is it the Elite that is not saving the password, or the Phone/App?  I never use the bluetooth passwords as they always seem to lead to issues with connections for some device or app.  On the Elite I have yet to use the app at all.  I don't really see the need for it since everything can be controlled by the keyfob and it has a speed display on the handle bar.  I've had too many issues with the Ninebot App on the MiniPro to use it if I don't have to.  I really hate, and consider it illegal, that the MiniPro forces you to register with the app to use the device to begin with, and requires constant internet connection for some function such that you can be locked out of connecting to your device just because you don't have an internet connection.  That should be a lawsuit.  Maybe they fixed in in the latest app, but I doubt it.

Using some other App for tracking could be useful, but I've decided just to use a GPS tracker when I need it.   

There is a downside of not being able to get a more accurate battery level, but the display on the ninebot has enough segments that I find it accurate enough for the purposes of the machine.  On the MiniPro I need the App for battery stats, trip mileage and total mileage.  

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