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Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!  

I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...    

Ride yesterday with @houseofjob& @Tishawn Fahie

Posted Images

SOME ROCK / UPSIDE DOWN RIDING / TEST MILE STRIP / SPEED WHEEL WOBBLES / Random Restrooms.  Did the best I could to make a Long Straight Trial ride exciting.  Enjoy the Music, hopefully you aren't in an area the copyright keeps music from playing.  

Music (Titus Jones - Save A Horse, Ride Beyoncé (Big & Rich x Beyoncé x Joan Jett x Nelly))

Nightcore - Garth Brooks - Callin' Baton Rouge



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Just a shorty of me riding to the river and messing with a drone. ShanesPlanet has poor gps, we installed a force field that disrupts it..

Surely with me wearing all this gear, my credibility goes thru the roof and I'm a pro that can be listened too.. right?:laughbounce2:

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On 8/18/2021 at 3:18 PM, Wheatley said:

Challenging my fear of HIEGHTs and trying to beat the Storm.  Cool Cloudy Riding is always my favorite.  


That's a cool bridge, but hell no lol. My legs would jello being that high up for sure

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7 hours ago, Hansolo said:

Subtitles availables



At 10:22 what the hell ? !!! Neoprene socks ?

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Nice to see so many riders.  In this two-pony town, I've heard of one other EUC rider, but we have yet to wheel past each other.  In the meantime...


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Did nice short version of the Tour de San Diego for beginners and a onewheel. If anyone visits SD, hit me up on instagram or youtube and I'll give you the route to do this ride. It's really fun and diverse.


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