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Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!  

I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...    

City night ride. Strap on your headphones.  

Posted Images

Back again with more EUC excursions with my dog Mini.

My GoPro Max ended up with a few minor scratches a few months back so haven’t been recording much.

I successfully buffed them out but in doing so, partially removed the anti-glare coating to a portion of the lens creating visible blur spots on my videos.

Going back and completely buffing out the lens to remove the left over coating produced a nice and clear image. (I’ll post a video of the procedure)

Unfortunately, this video still shows a few blur spots.







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Okay, so this is MOSTLY flying a bedsheet and weed-eater. I did manage to get my instructor on the mten for 10 minutes. Makes me ill that he was figuring it out so quickly. Made me happy it was wearing him out tho. Does 1 minute of euc, justify placing this vid here? Haha, of course it does!

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Just riding my sherman in the hood, doing some emergency braking tests, playing with my pads and basic floating down the street.

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I discuss my view on the Inmotion v12 and compare it to its closest rivals, Begode Nikola plus 100v and the Kingsong 16X 😊👍🏼



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i always do short clip but this time i created this "flow" with some clips of my tour in Corse, it's speeded up 2.5x to make it "short"....28m :rolleyes:


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Here is my first vlog, going to a nearby BMX park getting some "huge" air. Jokes aside very fun to do this kind of riding. Were always inclined to upgrade to a faster wheel like nikola+ or maybe v12 but now i'm thinking suspension and the V11/S18 is a really applealing option! :)


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4 hours ago, eucVibes said:


Get ready for the Abrams thread. 3, 2, 1... Go!

Poster 1: Here's a new Veteran Abrams.

Poster 2: I hate the look. It's the worst thing I've ever seen. I'll never buy it.

Poster 3: Well I love the look. I've placed my pre-order.

Poster 4: It'll go 60mph.

Poster 2: Actually, the look has grown on me. I'm buying one.

Poster 5: It's not as good as a Kingsong.

Poster 6: You're an idiot.

Poster 5: No, you're an idiot.

Poster 6: Why are you saying my wife is ugly?

Poster 5: What?

Mods: Everyone is banned.

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Here's a little challenge for you guys. Some EUC pole dancing in case my career doesn't work out :D

Also thought I'd try a bit of backwards seated riding since some people think it's difficult


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