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Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!  

I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...    

Ride yesterday with @houseofjob& @Tishawn Fahie

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On 11/21/2020 at 5:17 AM, Bhala said:

After Zegvald crashed his Kingsong 16 S we went through hiatus. But now he is back.


All likes in youtube is really apreciated!



Wow, that didnt take long to get replaced. I am still jealous. How many times you gotta mow the yard and take out trash to afford a new rim? Tis a shame China figured out how to make 'metal' out of what seems to be mere hopes and dreams with some recycled paperclips tossed in. Comments disabled on videos he's asking for comments on :)

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27 minutes ago, ZenRyder said:

This is what happens when you get too cocky and are not paying enough attention to the path in front of you...


You dont avoid being a crash test dummy with gear on, you're simply a 'geared' crash test dummy. Im surprised you didnt opt for the rollout after the second long step. I've never worn a back pack during any crashes, does it make a difference?

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after applying some hints from this thread and removing an unnecessary plugin from my browser, my latest video finally presents itself in better quality. I also took advice and chosed no high energy electronic music for casual riding scenes this time.

I didn't expect to learn about video making and editing when i purchased the EUC, but here we go. My channel is also showing a learning curve, not only EUC riding but video editing, too. This is all because of you, so thanks to all!



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14 hours ago, ShanesPlanet said:

You dont avoid being a crash test dummy with gear on, you're simply a 'geared' crash test dummy. Im surprised you didnt opt for the rollout after the second long step. I've never worn a back pack during any crashes, does it make a difference?

But less chance of stitches or surgery if you're a geared crash test dummy. Better chance of walking it off and having a good laugh about it.  :efee612b4b:

The camera angle doesn't capture the slope very well, but after the first couple of steps I was airborne in a horizontal layout without any rotation. So basically I didn't have time or momentum to tuck and roll. I also should have let go of the selfie stick, but tried to hang on to it instead. Kind of like a water-skierer who didn't get up, but still doesn't want to let go of the rope. I will endeavor to make future crashes more graceful by adding a roll or two while still maintaining the level of hilarity.

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7 hours ago, GoGeorgeGo said:


Some beginners discussion on acceleration and brakeing!

I guess you don't have snpw/ice in your area. You will soon find the straight lean way forward (I refer this to GW lean) will so easy catch you out. As for braking like you said sitting in a chair like motion can help but I think this is something you need to test and monitor how much negative watt you push into the wheel as it can only take so much. Another way to add braking power is to brake and carve at the same time. It gives you more time to brake before you travel x distance forward as the wheel travel in s curves. Also this can help to take out braking wobbles. It is a skill to practice as it isn't intuitive to master. 

About pads. I been testing these out from IM. It is so easy to get overconfident with these. My opinion is you need to understand there is a limit even with pads that the wheel can't handle. The heavier a rider the sooner that limit will hit you. 

2cent input to you next video. 

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8 hours ago, RayBanMonster said:

Maan.. this year despite lockdown.. we got some wheels and we got many singular great videos  thanks guys.. amazing.

Big shout out to Watt Rides..Shane, Alien Rides, Afeez, Chooch..   I'll try to follow shortly, humbly.

That said, So far, massive thanks to global contributions of  Video 2020 to  LA group ride with like +40 riders by Marty Becke... ( Dude is still the EUC king,  my friends. I say special award for killing the Sherman up Shoot-Up hill.  :smartass: Proof, if you need it, that diligent astute attention to detail can influence the manufacturer.  :clap3:). Closely followed by a couple of Sherman rides( Ustride) .... & nods to quality content from Wrong Way (Dude that tricks video is next) , EVx, &   Hsiang  (for community contributions Guys, you're loved,  thank you.)

But ultimately, for entertainment factor (although a touch risky!!!).. THIS...  from Heroine :w00t2:Vee ( the Female, systematic, military trained speed tester with huge Ovaries to sink any ship... rocks-of oblivion,  who tested the Sherman to 52mph where no Testes (aka Bollocks)  would walk..    well... I bring you .. The  VEE. Thank you!)

Enjoy.... just her video work here.. not analysis which is better.  ..  all the best guys.  ( PS.  Im sorry if If I said silly things... I tend to come here with a glass of wine. Cut me some slack would you? ...Please Im actually ok..)


xxxx. Enjoy.)

PPS 2021... O.MG.  Hold tight for spectacular refined EUC releases. ....





so fun :thumbup:



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I made a topic in the main discussion please share with me your experience on how to prevent it or handle it better thank you.


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So...I've been following this rider on Instagram.


He does big jumps. His latest from one of his posts (as a gif)



EUC on a bike jump!

Me....I've been riding an eBike, being careful in traffic, checking out what's covered on Medicare supplemental plans and following a PhotoPills moonrise workshop for imaging the moon at a specific place.


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