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On 2/8/2020 at 4:53 PM, tenofnine said:

Haha, she went into overdrive!
You were warning her but all she heard was Picard say "Engage."

Dads teaching their daughters EUC stuff always puts a smile on my face, it's so wholesome.

Maybe adjust the pesky KS-warp speed setting ūüėČ

But the best part she didn't crash. 

Speaking of chash and pains, I wish all a speedy full recovery to riders and wifes ūüėČ sorry for this mass ūüôŹ but too many post I like to reply to, too little time.¬†

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3 hours ago, Rehab1 said:

Thanks buddy! I just pray all goes well next week. The thought of a neurosurgeon operating on my wife’s spine is a bit unnerving to me.

Yeah, I imagine it must be pretty unnerving for both of you (which is why I figured it was best not to "feed the anxiety" by bringing it up). You guys will be in my thoughts, I hope all goes well! (Which I'm sure it will...she's definitely a tough woman if she can put up with you and your synthabeam :P). Keep us posted!

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2 hours ago, Tazarinho said:

Found this vid on the Belgium Wheelers facebook page. It gives a nice taste of the Micro Mobility Winter Games in Brussels last weekend.

Not only EUC's, but all kinds of PEV's, even if the EUC's where in the majority.


so nice !

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4 hours ago, maltocs said:

Awesome 50+ mile group ride today from Glendora to My Baldy. Great place for me to test the new Skydio 2.




nicely done !

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1 hour ago, Rehab1 said:

Fantastic!  I love the various views and fade-away shots! You definitely put Skydio through it’s paces of creating some awesome cinematic shots. Heck I’m just going to sit back and watch your future videos as this high caliber production will be hard to top.  :cheers: :thumbup:

Thanks, since you have one of these, let me know what you think of my mini-review I just posted at: 


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1 hour ago, SOLARO84 said:

Hello guys this is last ride with my friends 


Great video! So nice to have friends that ride. :thumbup:

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