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Euc hitch-hiking, immediate boarding!  

I'm back with part 2 of my comparison review of the Gotway MSX vs Kingsong 18XL! Took them out to the park to do some off-roading. These things are tough...    

Ride yesterday with @houseofjob& @Tishawn Fahie

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8 hours ago, Elliott Reitz said:
To the Park manager!
Subject: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - vid-group-link
Hi Dale,
Thanks for listening. I think you’d enjoy these… over 50 vids with my dog & the EUC… many (such as #22, 49-51 at the beautiful park we love, 11-12 the Nationals, 18 at SU, etc). And yea, I choose to burn gas and drive to the church rather than risking my life on RT 370… Drive to the dog-park rather than risk my dog on Rt370 & Long Branch.
Praying for the concepts:
1. access for responsible skilled riders with pets such as me,
2. better rules for congestion/events/safety-concerns you described.
3. Complete the trail around the lake
4. Ebikes like lime as rentals for around the lake
5. Access for people like my father to trailer his electric golf cart and ride around the lake (see my vid #s40-44).
6. Easier commutes vie electrified Personal Mobility Devices
7. Special volunteer coaches/deputies such as you mentioned you once had for new roller-blade riders.
Respectfully, and Blessings to you, yours, and our park!

Really wish i could ride with my Aussie and border  collie,  but they a lil too misbehaved. 

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7 hours ago, Marty Backe said:

My annual beach ride, this time on the Z10 (the best wheel I've yet ridden on the beach). Joining me was @Coastal Rider and @Jericho Das


Your Christmas ride and mine were very different.

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1 minute ago, Rehab1 said:

Happy New Year to you and the entire group of EUC members I’ve had the true pleasure of sharing memorable moments, both good and bad, over the years. Cheers!  :cheers:

Happy New Year Rehab :eff00eab1e:, Thanks for all the great laughs you bring!! :roflmao: 

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5 hours ago, Dave U said:

Happy New Year Rehab :eff00eab1e:, Thanks for all the great laughs you bring!! :roflmao: 

Thanks Dave! To you as well!

With fireworks blasting outside my house, my dogs barking and my wife throwing my wallet out the back door for good luck in 2020 I just want to hit the sack. Signing off.:thumbup:

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3 hours ago, Mike Sacristan said:

30kmh winds while riding at 50kmh = a lot of wind resistance.
I could feel the wind pushing me upright and even wanting to push me backwards.


I really don't know how you do all that riding with no eye protection for the wind. But bravo that you can :cheers:

Did you shoot that with a filter to make winter look even more depressing - where are the colors?

Edited by Marty Backe
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