To be honest: This guy is (in my own humble opinion) a douchebag first catagory.......He was posting about his Gotway Problems (Standard Nut loose etc) on Facebook and blaming Ian from speedyfeet for not heping him, giving no Service at all and some other Statements. He got it so far that Ian posted a pdf.file with nearly all conversations he had with the guy over 2,5 months..... In this file it Comes out that Ian send him free board, wedges, wants even to send a free Motor....even as the Driver jumped like crazy with the wheel. There where even some threatenings to Ian.... So even when i like that a KS16S gets good critics....before he was doing an hallelullja to his V3s, also....i think if he ever runs into a Little Problem with his new KS16, the poor seller might get a hard time also. Make your own opinon:   Ian's side of the Story: Password is "msuper"  
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