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Offroad tire on S2 ?


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Hello everyone.
After doing a little more than 2500 km with my S2, it's time for me to change my tire.
My tire became flat on the middle who totally changed the behavour of the wheel.

I'm wondering if anyone put offroad tire like this one on his S2 or another type of uniwheel who was designed with road tire and changed for offroad and could give me a feedback.

On a topic,  i've readed someone saying it totally changed the behavour but in a terrible way ?.
Anyone could confirm that ?

And by the way if anyone know how to remove anti puncture bomb projection ? I have all over my rim ?. I didn't saw any solution except abrasive stuff like sandpaper

Thanks :D

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Tried the skinny Schwalbe Big Apple and Black Jack on my One E.
Black Jack was really good in the winter and wet weather on rough ground, but it felt quite unstable at first because you're riding on the big threads that stick out.
I recently returned to the stock wider-style city tyre and it feels really good. Coming straight from the Black Jack, the stock tyre feels amazingly stable. :)

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