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One S2 does not reach maximum speed


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The limit of 23,1 km/h instead of 24 is because your battery is not 100% charged. Once your remaining battery drops under certain value, maximum speed is limited as a safety precaution. That's because there might not be enough power to keep you balanced at certain situations, like rapid accelerating or bumps, while riding at full speed.

I think the limit kicks in somewhere below 50% and will increase even more, as your battery power drops.

You probably just haven't noticed yet. That or, maybe your battery is not in the best shape. Just have a look at the limit after you charge the battery. There should be a 24 km/h at that time and should stay there let's say for another 8 kilometers at least (wild guess, I have never actually measured that).


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You can do it following my tut and through my software for S2. You need a J-Link programmer and normal soldering skills.

The method will be far more secure compared to BT solutions. I already repaired BT bad flashes (that make S2 do crazy things at best, completely unusable at worst). 

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Hi i am going to buy a j-link, but before I proceed, I discovered a strange think in the battery info of my s2... when I open the second battery info sometimes the state blink from normal to error for less than a second and than turn back to normal ... the serial number and the info also flashes ...I bought the device used with about 20km it has now 90 it was almost in perfect conditions the only think that I discovered is that a led strip has been removed .... maby it gives the error... also I disconnected both batteries but nothing changed ... also the second battery seems discharging slightrly faster than the other but just by 20/30 milliampI ... I also don't trust ru software I prefer one made by a polite people don't asking for money ...I also contacted mr but he isn't responding to my questions ... have a grate day really hope someone can help me during this process ! 

Also have a question about the software... when going downhill wou can recover more energy since you can go faster right?

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