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That's very similar to my first wheel. Just be careful with them, they really don't have a lot of power but they're a great first wheel to learn on and see if you like to ride. If you do like it, expect to be looking at that big price tag again and thinking, "Hey it's not that bad for something that's so fun!"

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Welcome to the greatest hobby ever!

Pad yourself! Helmet, elbows, and knees at a minimum.  There are a ton of videos with training advice both here and on YouTube. They will help a lot. Good luck!

stay safe!

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@Eucalyptus clever name ?. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new EUC. If it was a cheap buy it will make a great training wheel that you will not worry about if it gets scratched, etc.

However, If you do read through this forum you will realise that there are things to be aware of with small motor/battery wheels and also with EUC specifications. For example you can reckon on 132Wh being good for nearer 8-10km, (less if you are more than 80kg) not the 15-20 that the manufacturer gets by seemingly having someone as light as a trained chimpanzee ride it. So don’t worry if the range seems a lot less than you expected.

a small single bank of 16 cells, as here, very much limits the maximum power of the wheel as, indeed, does a 300W motor. Not a problem whilst learning, but, unless you are very light in weight, you will need to be cautious once you reach the point where you are starting to go at the maximum speed of the wheel as there will be no power in reserve, a small pothole or crack in the road may send you flying off the wheel without warning. The battery protection system on these wheels can also be a much greater friend to the battery than you, by switching the battery off if it sees an overload or the voltage getting low, again leaving you to fly.

So. Do not try to accelerate or brake too hard, I.e. do not lean backwards and forwards aggressively. Get some protection, at the very least wristguards and a cycling helmet, in case you do have a problem and, if/once you are hooked, think about getting a much more capable wheel and using this one to introduce your friends to the fun too ?.

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You're going all in on the EUC puns, nice! :thumbup:

Nothing much to add other than: get a real wheel soon. This one is perfect for learning without worrying about damage, but I would not consider it safe for much more (when you really need to brake or so).

Also, wrist guards!!!!!


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