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In pursuit of excellence: Name the figure


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I ran into some pretty spectacular videos with some very impressive postures.

Our sport is becoming hyper spectacular.

Let's have some fun and name those figures.

Double Diving Eagles

Kung fu Fighter

The Schrimp

Neck Snapper

Feel free to rename them ;)




double diving eagles Screenshot (18).jpg

Kung fu.jpg

The shrimp.jpg

Neck breaker Screenshot.jpg

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:w00t2:  Okay okay I got this!!!

1.  The "I got a flat tire can you give me a ride home.  Me be Jack you be Rose.  I hope that's just an air pump in your pocket."

2.  The "Ahhhh!!  How the heck do you ride this thing!??  Help!!!"

3.  The "Ima gonna balance me a burger, fries, AND a drink rolling out the drive through."

4.  The "Oh oh, dibs on the quarter!!"

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Bwaaaa! You got it, sort of...

I wrongly expressed myself. The game is: Find a video, get a screen shot of an odd posture and give it a funny name...

Others can propose a funnier name...




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