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Does anyone know the name of the App that traces back your trip


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 Hi there does anybody know the name of the an app that traces back your trip and gives some kinda of a little film a little vid of from when you left your original posssition all the way to the end of the trip, it’s like a line that moves over your  itinerary, it’s as if someone is  drawing over Google earth in the form of a thin line like as if in a short vid or film.. i’m going out with my KS 16s and I’d like to trace back  see the little vid, of where I went and came back from  as if to see my itinerary from leaving all the way to coming back. Do I need to leave this app on the whole trip so I can trace everything back-and-forth?

thank you so much for your time appreciate it.  

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2 hours ago, claudioagmfilho said:

I got Strava , on my iPhone X tho, can’t I use it with that? Cause I usually listen to music whilst riding anyway, I have had it for the longer time installed on my iphones , and now on my iPhone X.

Yes, it will work from a phone too...  

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10 minutes ago, novazeus said:

@Marty Backeuses runtastic. u can read about it in the pebble watch topic started by him.

A small correction. Since that video was made I transitioned to what I think is better (there's always a better one around the corner). I now use Geo Tracker which I can't say enough good things about. It's Android only. You can grab it from here

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