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Unlocking the KS 16s


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I think I have unclocked it by now...

For  it is already showing now my stop speed as being 60km/h  for like 5 derivations I mean for like the first beep, second and stuff it goes all the way to 60 does this mean it is unlocked? 

In other words the top speeds for the second and third beeps are showing 60 km am hour...

Is that it? when your wheel is unlocked?

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The maximum speed for the KS16S is 35km/h...........it’s somewhat confusing on the app because it will allow you to move the sliders up to 60km/h, but the wheel will not accept anything over 35 because 35 is the wheel’s maximum. I would suggest you leave alarm one and two off or at zero, then set alarm number 3 at 33km/h and the tilt back speed at 35 km/h........(as a starting point) then after you have the sliders set like that you have to save those settings to the wheel, once it has saved successfully the app will give you an acknowledgement that the settings were saved correctly.

If you attempt to save any of the slider settings at anything above 35km the wheel will reject those and will not save any new settings above the 35km max. Savvy?

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3 hours ago, claudioagmfilho said:

I am a novice at this, my next wheel I am hoping to be the KS 18L, and I was totally confused about the KS 16s speed settings, thanks for clarifying it for me.

thank you...

If you get the 18L it will come from the factory with a low speed setting to begin with (something similar to your 16S maybe 24km) that you can unlock right away to a max of 40 km/h. However when you attain 200kms on the odometer you will be able to further unlock speed to 50km/h. Just like a new 18S now.........on the 18S you used to have to do 1000 Km before you could unlock from 40 to 50, but they lowered that requirement now with the new software version so it would unlock at 200 kilometers like the new 18L..........it is my understanding that @Jason McNeil was instrumental in getting King Song to lower that requirement.........thank you Jason!!

P.S.  Unlock and use those speeds at your own risk, be sure and use all your safety gear including full face helmet  ? ?

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