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Has anyone figured out the miniPLUS "PATH SHOOTING" ability to RECORD a physical PATH or TRAIL or ROUTE that you ride or remote-control-steer - then somehow you inspire 'go' and the miniPLUS autonomously drives itself along this PRE-recorded path?   Used to drive a camera around / among the photo/video subjects.  I hope "the camera" (obsolete/changing) is NOT REQUIRED for this function.

In the miniPLUS User Manual it states (page 23):   " Path shooting: using the App’s advanced functions, the user can manually set a path, or automatically record a path
by riding the miniPLUS or using the remote control to drive the miniPLUS. Then simply replay the path and record amazing video. "      Manual depicts a circular orbit around a subject AND a "S" snake serpentine open path of straight, left & right turns.

Any clue where these "Advanced Functions" can be found?





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