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Onewheel with Gotway MCM4 Control board


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Hello i want to show you my new project !


Onewheel specs:

Control Board Gotway MCM4 
2 Packs 18650    340wh
Motor: 1000W ebike motor

Next i plan to upgrade with Gotway ACM 16 control board
and two packs Samsung 25R 18650 (40A max current)


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no dont reprogramm the controller (Gotway is not opensource) - its really no problem to find a motor !

its a 14inch e bike motor from aliexpress like this


and its turns fast enough !

the rpm should be relatively high like this - 750rpm

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want to build your design and am trying to figure out the wiring to the controller, does the hub motor have hall sensors and where to connect to control board?

I assume the gyro is on the control board but what else besides motor and battery needs to be connected ? do you have a wiring diagram for this


control board I can order from aliexpress will this do or do you recommend something else?

thank you in advance

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