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Firmware Issue
1.1.6  WARNING, NOT SAFE! CUT OFF if feet leave fotplates (see Yourube videos at bottom)

Here is the list so far, PLEASE if anyone can do the "footplate test" (as on first video) on mainboard 1.1.7 and report if issue is solved. I would like to update mostly for the BMS, but I dont dare if the unsafe behaviour is still there. Lift vehicle while pressing on foot plate, wheels should spin as its lifted. Then release foot plate pressure. Wheels SHOULD free wheel to a stop - NOT STOP INSTANTLY by breaking like in 1.1.6 video.

FW marked with * is the one I have now and includes my comments, other FW comments are from FW update screen

*mainboard 1.0.8  
    - GOOD/SAFE, no cutoff if foot removed with wheels spinning (when off ground)
    - PROBLEM, adjusting steering sensitivity and ride sensitivity during an active ride, sent mine into steering freak mode and after stopping it was locked  into left turn (constant turning).
      Turn back to "auto mode" again at standstill - problem solved, Now it can once again be set manually for sharper control (or softer if one likes that)
    - PROBLEM, tiltback and alarm at 19km/h in app
    - PROBLEM, 19-20km/h in app = 16km/h real speed (GPS show 16 when pushing it constantly)

mainboard 1.1.6  
WARNING, NOT SAFE! CUT OFF if feet leave fotplates (see videos below)

mainboard 1.1.7   
Optimized uplsope performance
Optimized alarm in slope
Other small known bugs 

*BLE  1.0.0  Ocasinal problems at "search again" (Huawei P8)
BLE  1.0.1  IOS11 bluetooth connection fix

*BMS  1.1.8  No known/noted yet
BMS  1.2.0  Optimized cell balance function

*Co-control 1.0.6  A bit confused when starting "not facing" remote
Co-control 1.1.4  New function: - Optimized follow me performance

*Follow  1.0.0 None noted, see co-control 1.0.6
Follow  1.0.X NO UPDATE AVAILABLE (have it been included in co-control in latest FW?)

*Remote  1.0.3 None noted, remote and phone both work fine to remote control
Remote  1.0.4 New function:
    - Fix that remote sometimes cant be charged
    - Optimize indication of remote control battery volume (level?)

Gimbal  N/A (dont have one)

Likely this one also suffers from 1.1.6
FAST FORWARD to 00:20 for crash


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