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KS14C Screws loose, repair info please.


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My beloved now getting much older KS14C 800w 680w needs a fix.

It seems that the screws that go thru the axle holder fixing to the vertical pedal pillar have come loose and causes play.

I assume this from this photo,

page 13


I think I can see play between these two alu parts.

When you pull the pillar you can see about 4 mm between alu and where axle meets it.

As I thought I remembered reading here somewhere ... "CLOUD"... maybe it is possible to drop the wheel, motor WITHOUT having to split case?

I also found this vid,


I feel quite capable of doing this repair just asking for any and all advise, tips so go into it as prepaired as possible.

So any kind KS14C owners want to fill me in with any info please!

What to be extra careful of, anything else to do while open?

Clean well threads and bolts with alcohol pure and blue loctite like I do with ALL my electric RC helis?



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I did this same fix a few years back, see the thread below. We used that same video to figure out how to slip the wheel out of the case. It wasn't hard at all. We tightened up the wheel clamp and put on some blue loctite and that held it in place. I later bought a KS14C myself and still have it, the clamp never has come loose on mine.


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So after studying video and manual decided to open.

Because K S France honored my warranty and installed new mother board to work with new wheel, motor , mine was not the same as video but super easy to get apart.

I took photos and will post later.

2 m6 bolts sheered off where the head meets the shaft, one head still there other compleatly gone!

Now just have to remove what was Bolts now "studs" hopefully by strongly cinching two m6 nuts together to remove and maybe need wd-40 heat ect but know I can make it work!

Then need to source bolts of exact same length and head allen configuration to fit perfect!

Was amazed just how easy to open and of course no need to crack case.

As promised will upload photos later.



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Super easy to remove sheared off bolt heads that became studs with 2 nut method.

Found in my stash one bolt exact match but miss one, no worries will find easy.

I do find it interesting that K S says wheel as a unit is somewhat water proof, I must say that the one on each side oval wheel, motor passing hole is not at all waterproof and would allow water all the way up to the mother board.

I will tape and sika flex when rebuilding.

Also note that the alu machining work on the non broken side leaves a bit to be desired in terms of tolerence!

This is where the 2 alu parts go around the axle.

As I am anal I will also remove this and gently file to get perfect fit!


Happy to know my beloved E UNI from the inside and sure like great quality fuses on each battery pack and on mother board!

And over all impressed with build and design as she has over 3,000 Ks and other than bent, cracked axle and now this we get along well!

NEVER had unexpected shut down and NEVER fell due to machine problem.

Also upon close inspection quality of mother board looks great!

Will say love my charge doctor!

tried to upload photos but Iphone and PC do not get along as I am sure most of you know!

Question only for those only REALLY in the know.

Are the bearings on the axle sealed?

Shall I use some ultra high quality RC heli oil or does this risk breaking down grease that may be packed in?



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I'd think they use sealed bearings? I definitely wouldn't put any oil or grease on it unless it's noisy or sticky and even then the best you could do would be to put a bit of light oil in to loosen up the dried grease that was already there.

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Sorry , I was upstate with bad reception and looks like I am responding too late but I’m glad you already figured out the issue. 

Your ks14 may or may not match the instructions from kingsong/ video depending on the variant of the control board and motor . Kingsong changed the board / motors at some point / changed connections to motor - it used to be accessible on the left side and then they switched to the right side.  Only 1 side has to be opened for the motor to be pulled out of the case. 

The loose bolts on the pedal support are a common issue, they loosened on mine several times , I tighten them up and then they Get loose again overtime . In more rare cases the bolt can snap, like in your case.  I may have an extra bolt/ nut,  if you need one, I can look. 

Make sure the axle is not bent / not cracked, since you already have it open .

I wouldn’t remove the bearing and the lack of grease is not a common issue with these units.  But if you want you can put some grease on the side of the bearing . I wouldn’t go crazy trying to get the oil inside .

let me know if you have any other questions - I took ks14c apart literally 100 times

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THX tons for replys and info!

Funny that ever since replace motor axle I DO NOT jump at all and try to be extra careful to hopefully get axle to last.

I think the exact same bolts we used and maybe were just old!

I as said will get the two alu parts to fit perfect around axle like they do not now!

I feel the play between the two parts puts extream stress on the bolts and hopefully a better fit will help!

Good to see upon close inspection axle has no crack or any sign of bending.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Fixed and running better than ever!

So after having to heat the pillar like a lot to remove the bolts from one side, I carefully filled down 4 washers to fit perfect

between axle capture alu parts so no play anywhere, even and super tight.

Also sourced 4 brand new bolts.

Then like I do with my E helis cleaned all threads alcohol pure and loctite, as well as topping of inner tube sealent.

Did note that washers between pilar and wheel, motor were unlubed so cleaned sanded as smooth as possible and lightly lubed with thin grease where

it comes in contact with wheel.

Also sealed wire thru oval slots with extra sticky tape and sika flex for added H20 protection.

Must say again over all impressed with look of design and build considering this was King songs first E uni release.

So one of my favorite toys is fixed and understood much better!

Now if I can only find GOOD IOS app?


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