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Inmotion V5F charging problem


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I'm humbly asking for help with my Inmotion V5F. It worked fine for two years and ~2000km. It is my first wheel so it had to endure numerous crashes. One of the front blue LED strips is not working properly. Sometimes it works for a moment but usually its off. That doesn't bother me too much. It rides good as ever. 

Problems started last summer when charging. Charger started to make strange clicking noises, almost like radio noise and completely stopped working soon after. I ordered new charger and it worked fine for few cycles. At that time I got V8 so my V5F didn't get much attention. New charger for V5F stopped working after few months. I still thought it was a faulty charger so I got a replacement. Third charger works for now, but now, every time when charging, after it charges to ~80%, it starts to make that clicking noise. I guess it won't be long before this one stops working too. 

Any idea what is wrong? I recently sold V8 and it will be month or two before V10F arrives. In that time I would like to use my V5F but I'm afraid charger won't last that long and getting another charger is probably only temporary solution. V10F looks like big and heavy beast so it would be useful to have small and nimble wheel for some occasions.

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