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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings EU people My name is Jim from Greece, I would like to share my experience. Couple of months ago I bought an X3 clone with a "132 Wh" sticker on it, but a 88Wh battery on the instruction manual. I thought I should learn to ride on a cheap thing and smash it without really caring about it before upgrading to a better model. Anyway, with one hour of practice a day just after work I managed to ride it with some confidence within a week ( don't be rough on me I am almost 40years old not a kid). By learning I mean being able to start it and turn without needing to grab on to something. I am still learning and will keep on learning. I am not the best balanced person in no way...but still everybody stares at me like I am an alien or something! The first problem I noticed was the charger. Too little time to charge (just 25mins?) and going from red to green and red again in small intervals when almost full. I know from previous electric vehicles that this is not the way it happens. Being an auto mechanic and since I had an e-bike scooter and e-bike before I was sort of familiar with Hub motors, controllers and batteries. This never happened to any of my previous vehicles. My suspicion that something was wrong was confirmed when while trying to accelerate, the EU turn off and I had my first (and only till this moment) faceplant. I hurt my hands (minor scratches) and my right leg near the knee. The verdict: the batteries were TOTALLY USELESS or at least NOT SUITABLE for such a device. Maybe a flashlight and not in an emergency would be fine! I took immediate action and ordered 16 cells of SAMSUNG 18650 at 2.6Ah (the purple ones). Within a day I had them over and opened the battery cover to take the original pack with BMS out and replace them. Needless to say the pack had a sticker 2.0Ah but even the most UNRELATED to electronics person would understand that a charger giving 2.0Amps would require at least one hour to fully charge them and not just 25 mins. Anyway, one by one the cells were in place on the BMS and soldered so nothing will tear them apart.... Put the new pack back in and closed the cover. The first test was the charging, It took 90mins to fully charge. Success! The device has never turned off and surely lasts a hell of lot more than before. I can get at least 7kms before the last LED. But since I still have the fear of the one last led standing faceplant, I decided to install a volt meter to be sure about it. So I opened the other cover as well, to investigate where to connect the 3 wires for the digital voltmeter. The motherboard has a sticker X5 on it. So it might be the same as an airwheel X5. I have found a + and - of battery voltage when turning the device on and near the cables of the LEDs for SOC, the low voltage + to feed the voltmeter. (Should explain that the digital volt meter requires a "+" and "-" of under 30V to operate and the third wire, usually yellow, is the measurable Voltage to be indicated). Still waiting the arrival of the package with the volt meter. The box is cut a small rectangle ready for it and the cables soldered. As soon as it arrives, it will be on. The last 5 days I went to work on it. I have to take the charger with me just to be sure but I can't live on like this!!! Now I have a plan to install 16 more battery cells in it. I think if I solder each cell parallel to an existing cell it will work. The BMS won't shut off, since the power requested will still be the same and cells being parallel will split the load and last longer.... If it can last 20kms I will surely be satisfied. The question I still need to find an answer to, is whether I need to buy the same cells as the ones I 've installed (2.6Ah) or ones of a different capacity (ie 3.2Ah)? Enough for now... I will post pics as soon as I finish the upgrades...
  2. Been trying to sort out getting this on Ebay but not being the most organised person on this planet, it's taking time to get together pictures, a description & hardest of all, a postage price! So, I'll start here to see if anyone wants a good, well made electric unicycle bought Summer of 2014. Used on average 2-3 miles every other week up to January this year. The intention was to pass it to my wife but she's chickened out! Nothing wrong with it apart from some expected odd scratches. Easiest all round (then I don't have to pi55 about with Ebay), is if anyone is interested, to come & see it/collect it in person. £300. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CG0BoQ_WgAAIprj.jpg:large https://www.youtube.com/embed/uzs0VK_RMAs
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