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Found 2 results

  1. I'd like to pair wrist guards with armored motorcycle gloves, to provide good finger protection along with good wrist protection. But I'm worried that the hard armor pieces on the gloves will hit the hard wrist guard pieces and make things uncomfortable. I know at least a few people are trying this-- did you get the combination to work comfortably? What combination glove/wrist guard did you try that worked? Specifically, I'm worried about the hard armor over the knuckles and the hard palm sliders on the gloves. For wrist guards over gloves: Does the wrist guard sit awkwardly on the knuckle armor? Do glove palm sliders feel awkward against the bottom of the wrist guard? For gloves over wrist guards: Does the protruding part of the bottom wrist guard splint push against the glove palm sliders at an awkward angle? Does the top wrist guard splint push the knuckle armor into an awkward position? For everyone tempted to bring up Hillbilly gloves-- I have them and the seams came apart in a 5mph crash leaving my pinky exposed. I'm not convinced it'll hold up in a higher-speed crash.
  2. A number of people have purchased the Flexmeter wrist guards by Demon recently and I wanted to ask about how they fit your wrist/hand. I'm a tall skinny person making finding anything that fits a real PITA. I used the size guide on the Demon website and guess what, I'm 19cm, which put me on the border of medium and large. I ordered the mediums as I have very thin wrists and medium is suggested by Demon for teens and adults with thinner wrists. They arrived yesterday and the fit feels OK but according the this retailer website proper fit is determined by the "flex zone" being over the wrist pivot (makes sense) and the guard not extending further than the knuckles. "Check the Fit When you receive your Flexmeter Wrist Guards, put them on and tighten the straps, then check to see that the “Flex Zone” of the wrist guard lines up with the part of your wrist that bends upward. And check that the top of the wrist guard near your knuckles does not extend past your knuckles, or it will be uncomfortable when you fall." When I tried the medium size on I felt that the "flex zone" was actually ahead of my wrist pivot (closer to my fingers) but the guard probably shouldn't be longer as it would extend beyond the knuckle. The "flex zone" still moves when I pull my wrist back but maybe not as well as it should. These are expensive guards so I want to get the best protection from them I can. I've now ordered some a set of large to try (arrives Friday) but I wanted to ask existing owners where the "flex zone" sat in relation to their wrist pivot. Same for extension over the knuckles. Trying these on is hard as the damn things are plastic tied to the cardboard packaging. I'll post pictures Friday evening when I have both sizes available.
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