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Found 2 results

  1. Gil

    9B Metrics

    9BMetrics is an impressive IOS application developped by @Paco Gorina for the Ninebot One. It polls the unicycle to gather technical data (speed, current, voltage, pitch, roll, temperature) at a very fast rate (30 times per second) and stores them in files that you can display graphically on your IOS device or send to your PC for further analysis. 9BMetrics user manual is available here. While data is being collected, you have a real time dashboard: When data capture is finished, you can display your trip: and have a synthetic summary of data collected during your trip: and also access to very accurate graphs that reveal the power, current, etc. during the trip: On a PC, you can visualise the data by using a software named Gnuplot which is available for Linux, OSx and Windows (here). You will also need a Gnuplot script, developed by @Chriull. You can download it here (under Windows, you have to change the PATH environment variable after having installed GNUplot unless you prefer to edit a .cmd command file that calls GNUplot with accurate path). This is the kind of graphs you can get with the gnuplot app: To get such a graph, you use 9BMetrics during your trip. At the end of the trip, you send the log file (a set of files in a single zip file with extension 9bz) to your computer and decompress it in one folder. Then you open a DOS command terminal, choose to this folder the default folder (cd [the path where you uncompressed the 9bz zip file]) and type a command like this one C:\[The path where you installed gnuplot executable]\gnuplot C:\[the path where you put Chriull's script]\9BV4.01.dem Thanks to this terrific application, you will the be able to check that your riding style or trip does not bring your 9B1 to its limits (esp. peak current) or you will also be able to estimate the influence of tire air pressure, riding mode, feet position, inclination, etc. on the current drawn from the battery. For instance, on the example graph provided above, you can see that the current never gets over 9 amps, which is very safe. All these urban legends on tire pressure, weight and so on are about to be replaced by FACTS! And... stuntmen will be able to get sure that they draw the maximum from their equipment !!! Of course, you can use 9BMetrics directly on your IOS device without using Gnuplot on a personal computer. You will have the same information but it will be displayed on separate graphs. @Paco Gorina has done a tremendously useful work, included for Ninebot Inc. I propose this thread in order to be able to share about the finalised 9B Metrics application: user experience, wishlist, use cases, and... bugs. 9b-V4.04.dem
  2. ​I ride my wheel almost daily and often think about features I wish it had and have been making a wish list in my head. I was curious what features other riders wish were standard features. WishlistAbility to turn off speed beeping Nothing is more annoying than the beeping when you are on a ​clear stretch and accelerate up to max speed and the wheel keeps beeping at you. I like that it's a safety feature, but I'd also like the ability to turn it off. Ignition key to l​ock ​wheel Wheel security (theft deterrent) is an area that I think is significantly lacking across most wheels that I've seen. I live in New York City and need to be able to secure my wheel when I ride from home to another destination. An ignition key would be a great start! Anyone can take my wheel and glide away with it without the need of a key. Mechanism to chain it up to a secure place (pole, bike rack, etc.) Another security feature. A major selling point of all wheels is their portability to lift and carry short distances which makes them easy targets for theft. Many wheels have a handle that can be used to secure to a pole with a cable, but some don't like the Ninebot One series. A built in cable would be amazing. Storage solutions I need a place to store my cable to secure the wheel - or other small items I don't want to carry on my person and otherwise don't need to bring a backpack. This is less critical than other feature and could be solved with an aftermarket accessory, though I haven't seen one yet. Braking (and headlamp) lights as standard features My Firewheel has these and I love it. I have been researching a second wheel to buy and wish more had this as a standard feature. Smartphone app as standard feature ​ ​Another feature that more manufacturers are providing, but wish it was standard for all wheels. Being able to see the stats on my wheel's speed, battery life, etc. is an awesome feature. What else?
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