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Found 7 results

  1. With winter coming on I am curious if anyone has ever tested how much power/range is lost when the temperature is below freezing. Does anyone know of a range test that was done in warm weather and then again in cold? Is it a minor difference (like 5%) or a major difference (like 25%)?
  2. Simple question, what is the best (unmodified) wheel for casual winter riding? By that I mean basically any day that doesn't have more than 2cm of fresh snow. For me the answer used to be the ACM2, but... is now the 18XL. I still use the ACM2, but only on snow days since I have a (sort of) snow tire on it. The ACM2 with the winter tire is a killer combination for heavy snow days though. But today there was level nine ice for out there for about 3km and it the XL handled it without even making me nervous. The ACM2 could handle it too, but I felt I had to be a little more focused on not slipping. The XL though, on that long stretch of pure, hard ice, let me cruise past a bike with studded tires like he was standing still. We have a second guy here who did a 22km run yesterday in much the same conditions and had the same result. I think the bigger tire and the narrower stance are better suited for extreme ice. I did a run with the V8 last winter and it was fine too, but I think it's a bit light for handling the rough stuff; heavier wheels work harder to keep moving forward and are less likely to be deflected by bumpy terrain. I haven't tried any other heavy wheels such as the MSX or the newer 16x and Nicola, it'd be awesome to get some feedback on those wheels.
  3. Hi everyone, as it is getting much colder, I was wondering if it is safe to ride the electric unicycle in the cold with temperature below 25 degrees Fahrenheit? like would the unicycle cut-off from being out in the cold for too long, say around 2-3 hours?
  4. Hi, someone knows how to maintenance the battery if I do not use the Mini Pro in winter?
  5. http://www.ochevidets.ru/rolik/99551/ It's kind of funny looking at other people, when they see me rolling on snow and ice. Older people usually just stop and look at me in disbelief, probably thinking something like "WTF is going on?". Younger folks sometimes mention something like "He surely must have snow chains". Children with parents just start shouting "I want it too, I want it too !"
  6. I invented a new kind of winter mask. It is smooth, clear mask with no holes for the eyes and nose, but with the handle from below, which would keep it as a carnival mask during the ride. Material Plastic - the thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Ideally 1.5mm. because when you carry on the mask will be a lot of pressure. Thickness affects the weight. It is essential. The mask should be light. Shape mask should be possible to protect the head from the wind and still be comfortable to carry because the mask is large (not a purse). This mask is necessary for comfortable movement on the mono-wheel in the cold season. - It is more convenient than the motorcycle helmet - size, ease and visibility. - It is more convenient than the ski mask - visibility, greater protection from wind, ease of carrying. - It is more convenient than a balaclava - comfort and freedom at the turn of the head. Much greater protection from wind and snow. And it is needed only for a mono-wheel, because only when you go on the wheel arms are free and you can keep the mask in hands, and in the winter season (at the most snow and ice). All other modes of transport take arms. I built something that should be similar to the one from scrap materials. However, the handle should be fully transparent. And on the mask would be desirable to have more neodymium magnet that would mask stuck to the jacket. And the top of the holes should not be. The handle should be curved outward, not inward mask - so easier to hold. The handle should be shorter.
  7. Tuesday, last week, I placed my order to electro-sport.de, after having a few conversations with Ferenc Franke, apparently the entrepreneur himself. Because I had really a need for wheel, I e-mailed to several shops in Europe, most of them either didn't answer to my questions or didn't answer at all. Ferenc was in his category alone and I'm happy about that. Of course I might have saved around 100€ by taking the cheapest possible option. But Ferenc really helped me, and found a way to get the wheel for me in less than one week, thumbs up So I got it after work on Tuesday, took it out of the box and outdoors, about -25--30 Celsius freeze, snow and stock tire on. Heh, first tender touch to pedals, smooth acceleration and what stability! Just unbelievable how big the difference is, but try to picture it: if You tried Rockwheel GR16 and Ninebot, You know that differences might be huge, but imagine that Lhotz is even same amount more stable, compared to NBO! Okay, next I spinned. Went back indoors, tried to fit Michelin Starcross 60/100-12" front but it just wont fit, it's too wide and thick. Then measured stock tire and decided to give it a try, Best Grip 1000, might puncture the tube, might work fine. And it was just fine! Pedals were way too slippery, barely a few flakes of snow and zero grip. So I installed some holding screws to pedals. Outdoors, testing, weird... because I installed the studs the way they wouldn't touch the floor without payload, they caused some instability. But now I wasn't able to make the wheel spin anymore, so got the traction needed. Because we have very cold weathers now, temperatures have been -24 to -33 Celsius this week, battery doesn't feel so well. I can only get 8-10km range and already at the 6km (4 of those in -30...-33 C) it started to tilt pedals on uphill, even though it wasn't beeping, so I think less than 20 km/h. I didn't see red, just blinking green. How much freeze lowers battery voltage? Well, in -30 C app showed 61%, after 3h indoors (no charging) it climbed up to 90%. And when You put on any load, voltage will decrease more in freeze. So I believe 30-40km in summer conditions is quite possible for someone around 55 kg like me (my version is 340Wh). After using my Lhotz for app. 10km for now I just love it! For these conditions 2-4 fold batteries would be awesome, that's the only drawback. I'm also happy choosing Electro-sport, and I got the 30km/h app by e-mail and never needed to try restricted speed - this is so fantastic wheel that already after something like 1-1,5km I felt 20km/h so slow. Tiny safety tilt back 20km/h felt weird, after 5km I used constantly speeds over 22 km/h, even about 25-27 km/h - I just didn't know that, since I had winter coats hood on over my fur hat and MX google strip over the ears too, all the time. I just noticed that from sports tracker, after I forgot the hood and heard a lot of beeping If anything, this should tell pretty well how stable wheel the Lhotz is! And it's easy too, even with those tricky studs I can make 8 in less than 1m wide fairway with ease. Pedals are just great. Larger than in any other I think(?). And they reach under the big toes too, helps me a lot and haven't felt any numbness on my legs on this wheel. So only negatives are the well known charging port cap, slippery pedals (for winter use), metal handle (in freeze, not nice to carry on stairs at work) and flexible feel on pedals (I really liked hard stiff Rockwheel pedals) is still a bit weird - even though it isn't even close how bad they are in NBO.
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