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Found 6 results

  1. So I was headed home afterwork and took a detour to grab a drink before I got home. Luckily from work to home is only a 10 min ride max. Why is that luckily? At night I ride in the road because it's not as unridable as the sidewalk (ironically) plus at around 11 at night, not many people are on the road. Well there was a car coming up behind me so I usually ride into the shoulder till they pass, but there was a fairly large puddle (it was raining still) I barely saw and ended up riding through. About a minute later, I got the tiltback warning (which I assume was me reaching top speed like always, yes I need a faster wheel, haha), began to slow down and recover cruising when the wheel performed an action like it was confused adjusting to normal riding then giving me a tiltback feeling very rapidly within 3-4 seconds before it cut off and I safely ran off it. I was devistated afterwards when I picked up my wheel to find it wasn't turning on. I had just replaced a tire after procrastininating for weeks so it felt like i was wheel less again. After walking about 10 minutes back to my house, I sat it next to a heater for a few minutes than thought to try charging it and lo and behold it powered up once I plugged it to the wall. Battery level was the same and everthing works like before. Weird experience. Thought it's worth sharing.
  2. It's now pretty clean! It was under the water for a second or two, but it pretty boldly went where no wheel should go. It works just fine. It was not too far away from home but I rode around a few km slowly to see how it would behave. Everything seems to be in check. I guess the shell is like a bell volume, and the water simply didn't have the time to crawl deep inside. I'm not sure what to do. Just wait, or disassemble? I'm not keen on disassembling it really.
  3. Ive been riding my ips zero day n night, sunny days, rainy days on cement/paved roads and dirt roads. It has performed all times until yesterday. Coming home after a 4km ride in rain I couldnt turn it off. Figured it was water making it way into the interior and shortcircuit the power. Since I live 3 stairs up I decided ill just carry it up. lifting it up made the wheel alarm go on and since only way to turn it off is to push the powerbutton... that didnt work... 4 hours later the button still didnt work and I had coverd it with towels and laundry and a big paperbox and the alarm still went through all that and messed up my head. So I start opening the damn thing while alarm still going BEEEP! Once i got the cover off WHOA, that noise is loud. I was being attacked by my cats aswell as trying to figure out how to stop the sound, for some reason they reacted more aggressive towards me instead of the source. Pulled off the on/off button but that didnt do anything. then I started disconnecting the bigger cords to find which cord led to the speaker. It took bout 10-15 seconds of that sound then i had to cover it up and get some ear protection. I dont know what devilish design those alarm are on the zero but its loud. (btw its the small yellow pin connector at the top that goes to the speaker). I still have a small ringing in my ears now. So now I got a smashed cover (couldnt handle unscrewing while listening) and a broken power button. Decided to try it by just connecting the on/off wires today and... the thing works. Just have to fix some new casing and new power button and it should be good to go. Figured I share my story if anyone else happens to come in same situation. if powerbutton fails, DO NOT LIFT IT UP! just let it dry out and then try the power button again. I was ready smash the thing to pieces with a hammer if pulling the cords didnt work, Im glad I didnt have to.
  4. So , now it's done , cleaned with T Red and pressed clear antimold bathroom silicone into the gap both sides , tomorrow ready to go
  5. Hi, I have just gotten my KS18A. I have learned how to drive it and now I would like to start using it for my main transportation device to work. It is February and I live in Finland so the streets are filled with melting snow. Basically I would be driving on a 14km long puddle to work. How waterproof is King Song 18" A 800w 680wh? Can I trust that it wont short circuit or something when i use it in these conditions? How can I better my devices waterproofing (please share your tips)? Thank you community for all your help!
  6. Hey Folks, I have a couple questions: -Are King Song units waterproof enough for use in the rain? I see that some of the gaps appear to be sealed with foam around the control board in disassembly photos----I was wondering if the same goes for the battery compartment. -How easy is it to get replacement parts for these units? Especially new batteries after the first one starts to degrade with use? Thanks, -Jacques
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