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Found 3 results

  1. Upgraded from a Tesla v2 to a Nikola AR+ and was wondering about what modifications I could make to it. One of the first things I noticed is that the stock pads (oval) make the wheel fatter and uncomfortable to ride, so I bought some motorcycle tank pads for grip. I also added soft velcro on the sides of the handle slot to give it more friction, as I'm sure I don't want the handle popping out during a crash. Something tells me that I need power pads for wheel torque, as this wheel is harder to get going than the Tesla. Also factory calibration might be a degree forward, which makes things harder, but I'm not sure if I can get a better calibration (aiming for a degree backward instead) without proper tools to ensure leveling. Is there a way to remove the logo on the back to get a proper rear light? Or should I just go for a standalone light strapped to the handle (either battery powered or connected to the wheel itself) I've been told that only the inside of the shell (above the tire) needs waterproofing, along with tape on the power button. Is that all? Any recommendations for waterproofing this wheel in general are welcome. On a side note, only got to ride the Nikola AR+ yesterday (been raining all day today) but so far I love it. It checks off all the boxes I had in mind : Higher range, higher top speed (so safer cruising at 30mph), robust shell without water ingress through handle, powerful night lights, broader tire, and stability at high speeds. Might have to pick up chest/shoulder/back protection, now that I'll be travelling at high speeds regularly, so doing my due diligence and weighing my options (either Lazyrolling jackets or motorcycle armor).
  2. Dear mten3 owners, how does this wheel handles riding under rain? Is the factory water sealing enough or some additional sealing is needed? My local service shop offers a $50 service to water-proof the wheel. Is it worth it or is it fairly easy to perform oneself? What's needed for it then? Also my mten3 started making some strange sounds. Should I start worrying?
  3. I have had my msx now for a few weeks now , and must say that I am very pleased with it. My first impression of the wheel was that it looked cheaply made, almost flimsy. Don’t be fooled, this wheel is not flimsy. A few days ago I had a fellow euc friend come over and try out the msx. He is a fairly new rider (around 4 months) his wheel is an inmotion v5f, so not very fast. Turns out my friend is a bit of a speed freak when on a powerful wheel. We headed over to the local high school and rode around for a bit, around 15mph. All of a sudden I see my friend leaning into it, and he takes off. I followed on my v10f but could not catch up, and then it happened I see the wobbles from hell start at around 25mph. In a split second my friend was on the pavement and the msx was bouncing,smacking, flopping and then swimming in a mud puddle, control board side down. I was sure my new msx was dead, and in pieces. Since I was sure of this I didn’t rush over to the wheel, I stopped to check on my friend first. Luckily he was ok, although the thought ran through my head that maybe I should hurt him I made my way over to the msx to find it covered in mud and half submerged in the puddle. I pulled it out cleaned it up, and to my surprise the shell looked as if nothing had happened at all. The wheel bounced several times on the pavement at least 4 or 5 feet in the air. The only damage was a broken trolley handle and a bent pedal, thank god! I opened up the wheel and saw that water did get inside but did not reach the board. Seems to just have got the battery pack wet. The week point in keeping the water out seems to be in the trolley handle chamber, as it is not sealed off from the inside of the wheel. I think gotway has definitely made some improvements in the durability of this shell, I have seen several other gotways that have not faired nearly as well. After all this I can say that i am very impressed with the msx and will definitely purchase gotway in the future.
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