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Found 1 result

  1. Unlike the previous version of Gotway Monster (fans on the side of main board), the 100V Monster has a new vulnerability. The fans of the 100V Monster are located on the bottom of the main board in direct line of fire of water drops from above, and the soldered fan wires appear to be exposed with no protection from water. My 100V Monster failed twice in the same manner immediately following several drops of water entering the right front spare portal area during my attempted to clean the outside. Both times I was trying to minimize drops of water near the top. During restoration from the previous repair of water damage, I applied Locktite Polyseamseal silicone to the side cover edges, screw holes, and all around the spare ports in the top of the shell. I didn't let the Polyseamseal dry (maybe I should have? and maybe I should have used a thicker bead?) before screwing the side covers in place. I also used electronic grade RTV silicone rubber 704 for protecting the replacement rear LED connection on the main board. All functions were returned to service. The Monster flawlessly completed a Griffith Park ride. The morning after that ride, I filled a small tub with slightly soapy water and dipped a brush to clean the dirt off the shell and tire. I was especially careful near the top spare ports to minimize water intrusion. However, similar to the first time (several weeks ago) when I sprayed water, the Monster started exhibiting erratic behavior: The Monster turned itself ON and the balancing function started to rapidly oscillate for approximately five seconds then stopped balancing. The alarm beeper was emitting three quick beeps with a pause repeatedly. The rear LED had only the top and bottom LEDs illuminated green. The front LED was erratically flashing. I placed the Monster on the left side and kept turning it off untill I had the side cover removed. With the right side cover removed, I heard a low volume hissing or sizzling sound emminating from the main board. Threre are signs of damage on the main board near the small electrolytic capacitor (at the bottom of the main board) which may have leaked out some electrolyte. I inspected everywhere under lighting and magnification. Several drops of water intruded into the same locations as the first time. The XT60 connector for the battery connection to the main board shows corrosion from the first water intrusion. Most of the drops of water from both water intrusion events ended up in the fans. This is not surprizing, because as stated above, the new fans on the bottom of the main board are in direct line of fire of the water drops. Based on my previous experiences, I believe it is likely that the water shorting of the fan wires loads the main board power supply voltages erratically, causing all the described behavior. This Monster needs a new main board and possibly a new rear LED board. I don't know what other damage may exist. I also don't know how to redesign/correct these new vulnerabilities of the 100V Monster that are not problematic in the old version of the Monster. SOLUTION FOR PREVENTING WATER INTRUSION? This is where we need input from our waterproofing experts. I'm only starting my research now, but I'm looking for answers to questions such as: 1. What product or method should I use to remove the corrosion in the XT60 connector, in order to prevent a high resistance connection? 2. What product or method should be used to protect the exposed electrical conductors from water? 3. What product or method should be used to waterproof the side covers and top spare ports? 4. Other suggestions?
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