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Found 8 results

  1. Suggestions very welcome. I'd appreciate anything which helps me get my S8 back up and working. I bought it Sep. 6, 2019 from an eBay seller who said I should try the Airwheel.net site. The bump at a curb I gave my Airwheel S8 - which killed it - ten days ago may or may not be covered under their warranty, but I can't get any response from Airwheel.net, and I have tried the business office (business@airwheel.net), support (after-sale@airwheel.net, and no, it isn't after-saleS), and the sales/distributor contact button. I'm keeping screenshots, and have been trying for several days at all different times, as the contact form says, over and over, Does anyone know how to buy the board? The charging and batteries seem fine. I have the eBay SquareTrade protection plan, but it doesn't kick in unless the repair isn't covered by the warranty. I think if Airwheel said the warranty didn't cover this 'accident' then I could get SquareTrade to do its backup. The warranty card says 'Failure is caused by user improper safekeeping or ACCIDENTS.' Dialing the phone number on the site ( 321 061 3324, with or without anything preceding it) tells me, "You are not able to make calls to this number." (Area code 321 is Brevard County, FL, where Cape Canaveral is - the 'countdown county'). A search of other sources found that 321 is also used by Satcom Direct, which provides global satellite links: They may not even exit still, as their 'news' only goes to 2012. Thanks.
  2. Noob here. I've been reading this forum for a couple weeks now and watching many videos. I think I've narrowed down the wheel I'd like to buy to the Gotway MSuperV3+ or the Monster. I realize a beginner is advised to buy a starter wheel, but I'm confident in my ability on wheeled devices of all sorts and I'm aware of and ready to mitigate risks. I've looked in the Advertisement section of this forum a bit but would like some advice or referral from wheel owners in the United States. Who have you had a good experience with in terms of price, warranty fulfillment, quick shipment, and technical support? I'll be making this purchase very soon, but would like the peace of mind that the seller is reputable. Thanks a lot all. I'm enjoying reading about your EUC experiences.
  3. So I recently purchased a unicycle from electricunicycleonline.com which turned out to be defective, wheel barely moving and stuttering (IPS 260+). It is beeping and a red light is flashing. The unicycle is useless. According to their website they will replace/refund received defective units and I made a video which I e-mailed them the day after receiving the package. However I’m experiencing excuses. They claim that their engineer will check it for me. Though I think it is rather obvious that the unit is faulty and it has been 3 weeks since I sent them the video. So I made this thread to update the community and new buyers about electricunicycleonline.com and will update the outcome of my case here in this thread so that new buyers know what to expect from them. Does anyone on this forum have experience with the warranty claims of electricunicycleonline.com? Is it an honest seller or do they scam people?
  4. Houston Top Shop for wheels is opening up and making a staple in the scene. We have new, used, and all sorts of other fun things to showcase. Bluetooth Accessories, 3D printing Pens, Desktop 3D Printers, Drones Will post more soon! 5901 Hillcroft Avenue, 77036 Houston Texas
  5. Hi, I'm interested in buying the Ninebot One E+, but some online reviewers complain about the handle being defective and breaking. Does anyone in the forum have this experience? Is this a defect that they have now fixed?
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience with Gotway in order to make others aware of what risk you might be taking when buying a wheel from them. I had the wheel for approximately 6 months when I got problems with the power and range of my wheel (it's MCM2 340wh). It was suspected that a cell in the battery had become bad so I asked for some suggestions what to do in order to solve this. The response I got repeatedly was "your wheel is out of warranty" and that's it. The wheel has 1 year warranty and the battery 6 months so I was a few days out of warranty when I started getting problems (if the problem is with the battery that is). This doesn't really matter since I never asked them to repair it under warranty. I asked what options I got in order to solve this so I can use my wheel again. No matter what I write I just get a oneliner back saying "your wheel is out of warranty". It's ridiculous! So at the moment my now ~8 months old wheel is just an expensive pile of junk. I also have a KingSong 14" which is working great, I haven't had the need to get support from them so I can't say much about that part but I doubt it can be worse than Gotway. In my opinion the KingSong is at least as nice as Gotway so I would recommend choosing KingSong instead to avoid ending up with a worthless wheel after just 6 months.
  7. I am getting ready to make the jump from pedal power to electric. I never had any warranty work done on my pedaled units. However with the complexity of EUC I am thinking I would prefer to purchase a brand that can be repaired without shipping it back to China. I am 220 pounds and saw that Amazon has some IPS models that might be a good fit. However I am guessing that even though Amazon does the delivery, I might have to deal with China on warranty issues. What brands can do warranty work in the U.S.?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to decide where to buy my Ninebot One E+. There seem to be two USA resellers that, I believe, are official: Ninebotus.com and and Hoodriderz.com. Do people have better experience with one seller vs. the other? I live in California and both are on the East Coast, so I could order from either.
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