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Found 12 results

  1. How many of you enjoy trail riding instead of or in addition to street riding? Since we don't have a Video Forum I'd like to start a video thread focused on Trail Rides. If you have a YouTube video link, please reply to this topic for so we can view and talk about great experiences and some of the challenges. Let's try to keep it on topic. I would love your feedback and will most appreciate keeping this thread going with Trail riding video.
  2. I just watched the teaser and saw an EUC rider on a Sherman at 0:22 First impressions from the footage: Color profile looks good (wether it's out of the box or corrected in post), with please skin tones and colors overall. Some problems with reds tho, with saturation set too high which clip easily. Dynamic range is nowhere real HDR capability, as seen from the snow show with clipped highlights at 0:15 Highlight roll-off seems better than Insta360 One R, maybe similar to One X2, tho with a bit of weakness from blue transitioning to clipped highlights on cloud and sky. I would like a good resolution 60p with HDR10 support, but nothing indicates in this teaser this new camera would bring either. But it might still be a good option for EUC use, so let's see!
  3. I think this is relevant information to many of us, deserving its own topic, so I've split the topic started on the Video Thread, so further discussion can continue here without derailing The Video Thread Also a good opportunity to "publicize" our brand new "Video-making and gear" sub-forum, where subjects such as these (as well as action & 360 cameras, recording tricks and tips, editing, rendering, etc.) can be discussed until your heart's content, questions asked ("How did you do that?!"), etc. --travsformation-- But doesn't Youtube use a far superior codec for anything 2K and above (usually guaranteed if you upload in 4K), I recently saw a few motocross vloggers posting about this.
  4. Hello everyone! I am developing an animation video (Motion graphics) for King Song S18. So for this i need your help. I am asking you guys as specialized community about your experience and perception of unicycle. I want to understand better what might attract your attention, and generate emotions. Therefore, I have some questions for you. Your answer would help me a lot to understand how target community of this product think. Here we go: 1. Why do you choose King Song over other brands?2. What is your favorite thing about King Song S18?3. How do you feel during riding it? *Think about would you describe your experience of using the product, feeling the speed? *What does the experience associate for with?4. How do you like the appearance of this unicycle model? *what association words does it bring to you?5. What colors and **items**(anything) comes to your mind when you think about S18 and your riding experience? 6. What is main environment in which you usually take a ride? *City, off-road, etc.7. What are 3 WORDS which can describe King Song S18 with?Here you can find the Google Form version of the question if it's easier for you:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2c9eh27TOWfSeX36uM36VTu8pHwB8CO_EW69O4IiF8mz46Q/viewform?usp=sf_linkOr you can answer in the comments.Thanks ahead, and once I will finish the video I will present it to you to see the integration of your answers.
  5. I create hype videos of our group rides and since people seem to like them, I wanted to create a collection of them here. This is my latest, but I'll go back and add earlier videos as well.
  6. Hi ! My name is Valentin, and I'm a french wheeler. And I have the passion of photography and filmmaking too, so I created few weeks ago, a new serie, called "My way" for share to you and for the love of EUC, my vision of the use of EUC In 5 episodes. I will update this thread after each new episode released. For the moment, on my channel : My way #1 OFFROAD My way #2 HIKING ROAD soon : My way #3 ... (Online the November 11th) Whether it's for passionate riders who will understand me or just give inspiration to novices, my videos are just there to share my vision coupled with my passion for filmmaking here the link of the first episode (English Subtitle available) :
  7. I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed. I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc. Link for the video is below:
  8. For the very few who know me, I was wearing protective gear and did not get hurt during this. Nevertheless, I thought it would be useful to others if they saw how this happened. During a pleasant ride on the closed portion of the 39 out in Falling Springs northeast of Pasadena, I experienced a cutout after hitting a little pit and bump in the road. I was wearing a gopro on my helmet that caught the incident. You will notice that I immediately tried to recover, and slow down to reduce potential injury. While slowing down, it cut out which led to me falling on my butt. The wheel powered back on after it dumped me but fortunately did not go off the edge of the mountain. My location was at the following link (a great place to ride, but doing so at your own risk considering this portion of the road is closed to "pedestrians, or any motor driven cycle"): https://goo.gl/maps/vGgr66msUJR2
  9. Dear Windows experts and DJI Mavic users: I need your advise please! Proudly acquired a Mavic Pro drone recently and started recording some nice arial footage. Throwing those files at my aged Dual Core macs chokes them instantly. I've got a Windows laptop with a i7 processor, which at least plays the files without stuttering. While I start googling for software options, can anybody here suggest an editor which solved the problem for him? I'll be eternally grateful and promise to drown the Video Thread eventually with epic evidence of bad piloting of both drone and EUCs...
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