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Found 22 results

  1. houseofjob

    GOWAY Tesla: Teardown Video

  2. Hi ! My name is Valentin, and I'm a french wheeler. And I have the passion of photography and filmmaking too, so I created few weeks ago, a new serie, called "My way" for share to you and for the love of EUC, my vision of the use of EUC In 5 episodes. I will update this thread after each new episode released. For the moment, on my channel : My way #1 OFFROAD My way #2 HIKING ROAD soon : My way #3 ... (Online the November 11th) Whether it's for passionate riders who will understand me or just give inspiration to novices, my videos are just there to share my vision coupled with my passion for filmmaking here the link of the first episode (English Subtitle available) :
  3. I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed. I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc. Link for the video is below:
  4. For the very few who know me, I was wearing protective gear and did not get hurt during this. Nevertheless, I thought it would be useful to others if they saw how this happened. During a pleasant ride on the closed portion of the 39 out in Falling Springs northeast of Pasadena, I experienced a cutout after hitting a little pit and bump in the road. I was wearing a gopro on my helmet that caught the incident. You will notice that I immediately tried to recover, and slow down to reduce potential injury. While slowing down, it cut out which led to me falling on my butt. The wheel powered back on after it dumped me but fortunately did not go off the edge of the mountain. My location was at the following link (a great place to ride, but doing so at your own risk considering this portion of the road is closed to "pedestrians, or any motor driven cycle"): https://goo.gl/maps/vGgr66msUJR2
  5. Dear Windows experts and DJI Mavic users: I need your advise please! Proudly acquired a Mavic Pro drone recently and started recording some nice arial footage. Throwing those files at my aged Dual Core macs chokes them instantly. I've got a Windows laptop with a i7 processor, which at least plays the files without stuttering. While I start googling for software options, can anybody here suggest an editor which solved the problem for him? I'll be eternally grateful and promise to drown the Video Thread eventually with epic evidence of bad piloting of both drone and EUCs...
  6. I have seen videos of MiniPro riders with selfie sticks and none, so far, from an aerial view using a drone. I wonder if anyone else is considering experimenting with a video recording using both the MiniPro and drone? ➰
  7. I have no idea what they're saying; it's a number of people doing an eval of the I5. Lots of footage in action.
  8. houseofjob


    Found these teardown vids (3) off GEVKorea Naver blog: http://cafe.naver.com/gev010/15 Luffy Teardown Vid #1 Luffy Teardown Vid #2 Luffy Teardown Vid #3
  9. EUC GUY

    Gotway Msuper v3s+ all around.

    Relaxed walkaround of the wheel and its many details. I must say, despite the problems that they have with quality control, the design is one of, if not the best. the finish and overal look is great.
  10. houseofjob

    IPS i5 Disassembly Video

    interesting, so looks like the new i5 has no traditional pedal mounting brackets, that's how they shaved off quite a bit of the traditional EUC weight.
  11. Inmotion V8 Official Released Version (Video in Chinese) There are some changes compared with the previous sample version. What do you guys think? Are they pros or cons?
  12. noisycarlos

    Pokemon GO on an EUC ;-)

    I used my Ninebot One E+ to hunt Pokemon :-D
  13. I have been trying to think of ways to improve my EUC trick videos, other than learn some better tricks. One of the biggest problems with my attempts is that the majority of the sequences are static, as if they are filmed using a CCTV camera. I don't really know anyone who would be prepared to join me down the skatepark at 6am on a Saturday morning which in London is the best time to film (I.e. before the scooters arrive). So as I'm obsessed with everything robotic I thought I'd have a go at experimenting with a robotic camera dolly. I stripped back one of my tracked rovers (removing an arm and various sensors) and mounted my GoPro on the top. The rover has an on board Raspberry Pi and a sabre tooth motor controller - I can precisely control the speed from my phone via a web interface. The rover has ultrasonic sensors attached which stops it bumping in to anything. I am pleased with the initial footage, although I need to do something to reduce the vibration of the platform, although I can remove the vibration during processing using virtual dub and the excellent deshaker filter. The rover is far too noisy. Below are some examples which I have just posted on to Vine, which allows 6 second film loops to be uploaded. In lieu of any local EUC riders, Vine could be an interesting way of participating in a game of "WHEEL" (which would be the EUC equivalent of a game of "SKATE") 180 Unispin Shovit Onef Footed Spin: It would be great to hear/see what techniques/equiptment other riders have used to make their films.
  14. Hi everyone! I've ordered these two hoverboards from AliExpress and they run very well. Check out my impressions
  15. dbfrese

    Ninebot One Vinyl Wrap How To

    Interested in giving your Ninebot One a makeover? Here's a video I produced with some instructions on how to apply a wrap to your 9bot1. Amazon link for Vinyl: http://amzn.to/1Ux6AKU (a 5 foot by 24 inches roll would be sufficient) Amazon link for Heat Gun: http://amzn.to/1nMjHLf
  16. Nagytoll

    A look at the ninebot one S2

    This video just got uploaded. It's french, but pretty obvious. Yet no info on the price. Video Edit: There is a new video of it in action Video2
  17. Check out my in depth review of the unicycle I just bought (and see me ride it!)
  18. Hi guys, I don't know if you've already seen this one, the control this guy has over his EUC is just mindblowing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IjeoFe8azw&feature=youtu.be
  19. Was supposed to test the experimental newly implemented tilt-back function at 25 kph but due to low charge I didn't dare to fully test it. However, Kevin Lee claims he already tested it to work. Actually the King Song guy himself said in Mandarin (in the video) "don't go too fast because the battery charge is only 40%". Check out the conversation for lulz
  20. John Eucist

    Videos of King Song 14 inch in action

    Kevin Lee and I went to visit King Song factory in Shenzhen on Thursday.