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Found 18 results

  1. Dear EUC riders, We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of the 16-inch suspension electric unicycle Sherman Patton, designed by Leaperkim and exclusively available through Free Motion Shop. With an impressive 3000w motor, the Sherman Patton delivers exceptional power and speed, making it perfect for both urban and off-road riding. In normal mode, the Sherman Patton can reach speeds of up to 52.82 mph, while in high-speed mode, it can reach up to 65.24 mph. The unicycle is powered by a Samsung 50 21700 2220wh battery that can provide a range of up to 62.14 miles on a single charge, ensuring long and comfortable rides. We expect the Sherman Patton to be available by the end of May or later, with some potential changes in the final production model. As a leading supplier of electric unicycles, we are proud to offer an enhanced version of the Sherman Patton with a waterproof battery and a fire-retardant coating for added safety. The BMS anti-vibration system will also be improved to ensure a smoother ride. We believe the Sherman Patton will be a game-changer in the electric unicycle market, and we are excited to offer this new product to our customers. For more information on the Sherman Patton and to place your order, please visit our website or contact our customer support team. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to providing you with the best electric unicycle products and services. Best regards, FreeMotion Shop www.freemotionshop.com
  2. Hello EUC family! I'm preparing for the eventual delivery of the Sherman S and Mten4. I'd like to get some protective accessories for both wheels now or when they become available later. It would be useful to have a comprehensive list of US dealers and parts manufacturers. Of course, worldwide dealers should be included too. I'm not trying to start a discussion of which dealers are good or bad, I just want to check them all because so far I've found their inventories of parts widely varied in size and availability. Here's my list so far: ewheels.com eevees.com alienrides.com euco.us revrides.com grizzlapads.com clarkpads.com ChrisChaput on Facebook for spiked pedals
  3. This is the first time posting, but I have read the forum for years. I crashed my Sherman yesterday doing 25mph and got to ride in an ambulance to the hospital. My tire went flat after I hit some potholes and down I went! I wound up with a broken ankle and road rash(I was wearing protective gear and a helmet). My question is: How can I keep the tire from going flat? I am running the knobby tire and I use Slime. I felt the tire before I rode and thought it might be a little low. I rode 15 miles before the crash and it rode fine. Does anyone use a Tire Monitoring System?
  4. Hey Everyone! For the past 3 years I have ridden my Kingsong 18XL everywhere and anywhere. I would say I've become somewhat of an advanced rider over the 3 years with that wheel. It is the wheel that I learned to ride on, and truth be told I haven't touched any other EUC's ever aside from my 18XL. That is until yesterday! Yesterday I payed a visit to an EUC distributor and touched another EUC for the first time! In fact not only did I get to touch them, I was able to ride SIX new wheels! 😎 It might sound kind of funny to some of you, but I was like a kid in a candy shop! The wheels I tried for the first time were- M10, V8, 16X, S18, the Sherman, and the S20. Obviously coming from nothing but an 18XL, the Sherman and the S20 stole the show for me. So to get to the point of my question- I rode the S20 for maybe 30- 40 minutes (wow what a good looking wheel), and the Sherman for about 1 hour. My thoughts after riding these wheels- I expected more from the S20. It hurt my legs quite a bit (probably just the pads) but I had a hard time feeling in control of the wheel. I also thought the suspension would have been a little better. I did play around with the suspension settings, but thought it would have been a little bit better. Granted, the wheel felt quite nimble for its size. The quality of the wheel is worrisome. While visiting the show room, another customer checking out the S20 broke the power button right off the wheel. We were still able to turn it on using a pin πŸ“Œ though lol. In regards to the Sherman- I expected good things from it, and it gave me more than I expected! I went in fully thinking that the S20 would give the Sherman a run for its money, but I found myself soon drooling over the Sherman with its stable and strong stance. With what felt like endless power it became an extension of my body very easily. Yes the bumps were a bit harsher without suspension. But not as big of a factor as I thought it would be. Seated riding was a breeze, and I love the idea of a bigger battery (something that concerned me about the S20). So after riding all these wheels (with most of my time on the S20 and Sherman) I feel like I'm leaning more towards buying a Sherman over an S20. I wanted to know what your thoughts are comparing these 2 wheels! For those who have tried the S20 and or Sherman. Yeah I would rather own both, but for me that's not an option unfortunately πŸ˜• FULL DISCLAIMER! I only had under 2 hours combined with the 2 wheels. My opinions could change if I had more time. These are just my initial thoughts. Please let me know what you think! Thanks 😊
  5. Apps can tell the when a wheel is beeping on most Begode, Inmotion and Kingsong products. On Begode, the beeper status is indicated as a boolean, on Inmotion it's when the "Inverter Load" is at 100%, and KingSong when the "Safety Margin" reaches 0%. LeaperKim and the Veteran wheels: Sherman, Abrams and Sherman max are missing this crucial capability which allows to relay the beeps over bluetooth speakers or haptics like via smart watches. However, there is unused room in the data packets sent over BLE, so that could absolutely be added. I've contacted @Linnea Veteran over Facebook in public and Instagram as private message, to describe the value of this real-time information and how effective it is to prevent over-lean crashes when riders don't hear the beeps. Nice to see Linnea is in this forum too! I hope that Leaperkim will catch-up with other brands on this must-have safety feature, now that it is supported by @Seba's EUC World, DarknessBot, @enaon's eucWatch and my own EUC Alarm app.
  6. Hey allπŸ™‚ Just wondering what new wheels everyone is excited for and why? What will you be ordering? Will you buy first run? Or wait for the second batches? Am I missing any? Thanks! I look fwd to hearing your opinions!
  7. What are your impressions of the impact of the firmware on the driving characteristics of FW1.0.58. I mean subjective evaluation because officially nothing has changed that would affect the pedal dip acceleration or braking. After update to 1.0.58 i can say here is diference in riding "feel" for me wery positive way. Straight after update (i not calibrate level yet) and my first ride on new FW with knobby tire 28PSI diference is big great job Veteran company now is sherman worth XXX dollars more . I have my "test 5km circuit" where i testing PSI, pedal adjustment ,riding modes, "track" include inclines and many types of surface and roundabout for dip testing. Positives: Firmware 1.0.58 is definetly harder in medium mode now is wery close to gotway medium mode or KS16X hard mode this mean you can acelerate more efortless. Simply say aceleration curve is stronger. Sherman is more nimble. Important thing whan need to be say on every mainboard revision FW can be diferent feel this is just FACT confirmed by testing Ks16X on board revisions 1.4 vs 1.5 where FW 1.05 was great on revision 1.4 and very bad on revison board 1.5 Same be propably on sherman and board revisions think about this before comment! Pedal DIP: My original FW was 1.0.56 and comapre to this Pedal dip on 1.0.58 have hudge improvents in long inclines and sharp turning too is strong change on ALL modes soft/medium/hard Pedal hardnes: Pedal is harder definetly medium mode is like/almost medium on MSP 2500W or hard mode on KS16X what is big improvement for me and something i wish many time sherman be like this. PA: PA pedal i ride before was PA +1 this mean now PA+3 but if i use PA adjustment sherman lost efortless aceleration what gain on PA +0 this is subjective but this is what i feel and my testing always end this results. Negatives: Braking is same like on 1.0.56 or little worse i canot decide if is downgrade or upgrade becasue when i break intensively pedals dip under presure very deep to level where i am close to fall behind. Veteran sherman have speed motor we(riders) must acept this becasue is just fact. This is subjective and i am very heavy rider 260lbs +-120kg with gear this is on edge technical spec what sherman have this must be write here for fair play and i compare braking to MSP2500W or KS16X where i never experience braking pedal DIP. (on FW 1.0.56 i have 2 falls to my ass becasue braking dip on sherman both in low speed) Speculative: After my test circuit when i check data in eucworld i realize on inclines where normaly eucworld report 6000W now report 4000W and all AMP numbers is lover compared to numbers on 1.0.56. Motor sound in inclines is little diferent but strugle vibration in same when i am around 3500W+ reported power. Results: Im happy i do this upgrade over my fear and risk brick sherman for me is many positives and this is what i want long time make sherman more efortless to ride. Personlay i think this FW and update tool is LEAK and hope this firmware is safe for public use/to ride now i have big anxiety ride this FW1.0.58 becasue i have strong PTSD after my asphalt faceplant on MSP HT in 30+miles(55km/h) becasue i overlean EUC. My sherman speed limit/tiltback is 43km/h (25miles) im not aceleration/speed demon anymore.
  8. But not without hiccups lol. Decided to split the shells and fold the non motor wire side over. Did the tube change, flipping the valve to the upper side (opposite side from stock), to make it easier in future swaps. Was in the process in putting everything back together and noticed the stupid air vents fell inward. I thought those would've been glued or something to one side. ugh, took everything back apart to get the shells wide enough to slide those back in place while closing the shells back up. I usually ride 24-28psi, but I pumped it up to 30psi. No more under 30 for me because I think the tire slides, dragging the tube with it on low psi, pulling at the valve being held in the tight rim hole. 2nd tube change in a month for this wheel on 24-28psi. First swap was under warranty at 2 weeks old so the roll bars came out nice and easy for me lol. Splitting the shells in half saved me from researching what socket I would need to ruin with a grinder, so I took the lazy way. Seemed it could've went a bit smoother if the wires were a bit longer tho. phew, all done. Sorry no pics, no patience to host anything
  9. Made my own one-off velocity seat for the Sherman. Already had the wood and the foam insert. Got the cover from Amazon and the rail clamps from Aliexpress. Links for those are below. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HQQVYL7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001165093264.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.4b284c4dTrLkRs
  10. Question for those of you who will be getting the Veteran Sherman. Which tire/tyre will you be requesting with your order?
  11. I really would like a USB charger on the Veteran Sherman. I feel like this is the one essential accessory missing from this wheel. I've have successfully added this type of 12v adapter to other devices for convenience. Without yet having the Veteran Sherman there is no way for me to know the best place to tap into the board for power. I do however think this would be a great addition as it would not only allow you to add a USB adapter but just about any 12v accessory. If your only looking for a USB connection the other adapter (see photo) would work as well. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions or alternatives are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Trying out a new 9 foot selfie stick. Pretty challenging, especially in the wind but I love the final effect.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks wheels shouldn't have people names (like cats and dogs)? Anyhoo.... thanks to @Hsiang and indirectly eWheels for the brief poke-prod-ride today of the Sherpa (I refuse to call this wheel by it's official name). While you're all waiting for the Hsiang-ster (call him Sean, he'll love that!) to drop his Spongebob video, thought I'd offer my brief and unbiased thoughts for you insatiable bastards EUC folk. Thoughts in No Order: This wheels reminds me a LOT of my now dead Rockwheel GT16, from the layout (2 permanently wired longitudinal battery pairs down each leg, board on top, exposed wheel), to the long hex pedal shape, to the similar hex column trolley (albeit the GT16 one was an external add-on). The gyro-pedal resistance even feels reminiscent (but not identical) to the GT16, with the GT16 being more a hard rubber sponginess, to the Veteran's medium rubber sponginess (ie. not like the Gotway brick hard or glide-y/air-y soft mode swing, although local guys tipped me to the fact that the newer MSP boards now also feel spongy, unlike previous MPS FW boards. The natural comparison is to the MSX/MSP, but the ride feel to me is not that. First, the ergonomics are waaay better than the MSX series, as there is more side shell area support height, from pedal to top-of-shell, which the MSX series never had, due to it being just an MSV3 case with the pedals moved up higher, so less resulting side shell area height support. The benefit of the batteries being perfectly balanced on each side flanking the center axle, is that there is no top-heaviness that wheels with extra top batteries suffer. Same goes for the MSX series, since those batteries are held above the center axle with no lower battery to balance it out. On ride, Shermona felt plenty balanced, albeit with some girth, even with pretty high-feeling pedals (whatever that means anymore). Neither me nor @Hsiang nor @Ben Kim were willing to bust 40+, but it's my theory that this wheel will perform similar or slightly higher max compared to the 100V MSX, esp seeing in the stress torque test below that this wheel is not tuned for torque like the MSP is (but no other wheel is basically). This isn't to be confused that Slovenia doesn't feel easy to push accelerate, because it does feel nice and robust in that realm, but the ppl seem to confuse real torque power with what they are feeling pedal pressure-wise, which IMHO is more how the response is tuned v acceleration. Rough feel/eyeballing it, I'd say the She-man feels more responsive to acceleration than a 100V MSX simply due to the fact that the 100V MSX is a brick hard shelf on all modes and will fight you the more acceleration you try to summon (yes contrary to what guys on here think, but I'm adamant about this point often on these forums). I say this because the internal components (battery, board, BT module, etc.) all look like the same supplier stuff as Gotways, because it IS coming from the same place! So I don't think they're reinventing anything here, just variations on a theme. If anyone cares (I think only me @Tishawn Fahie, @chulander, and maybe a couple more guys would), this Veteran Shellfish's soft mode is super interesting IMHO, and is ACTUALLY REAL SOFT MODE! (which is why I'm even entertaining/contemplating getting this wheel). Like I said above, it's definitely not Gotway soft mode, due to the rubbery sponginess, but has proper front pedal push swing/travel, like an OG Gotway soft mode, but unlike OG Gotway soft, the backswing brake has some significant swing/travel to it, which threw me off (as Gotway OG soft backswing is harder with less travel). Due to the short time I was on it, I'm not totally sure what to make of that, but it does intrigue me into wanting to master that feel. Construction/build quality was on my checklist, and this Veteran is definitely a notch above the cram-and-jam bees nest that is the MSX series. The shell plastic when grabbed and pinched on both sides feels noticeably thicker than the usual Gotway shells, as I tried to tug and warp the inner shell as I can do on my Monster inner shell, but this Shamama inner shell was stiffer and didn't flex nearly as much, especially at the seam where the pedal arms contact the inner shell rectangular column, so there's some hope the usual Gotway cracking at that juncture doesn't happen with the Veteran. And all the board wiring is clean, what with no speaker / LEDs (thank God!), all self contained up top. The rail on touch wasn't super high quality, but not super cheap to the touch either, so better than I thought going in. The rails seem to be in 2 parts, where they adjoin to holed anchoring fixtures on the pedal arm itself, beneath the L support. The rail measures at ~ 0.8" for guys who are looking for mounting solutions. The new longer pedals I thought I would hate, but eh, they seemed fine on trial. Since the normal hotshot YouTubers have no interest in divulging, but I do: Veteran is using the same pedal arm angle and width (minus the need for spacers), so you can swap in any Gotway pedal into this Shamgod you want! (below with my MCM5 pedal on) Water infiltration on this wheel might suffer a bit, but not major I think. None of the seams on the shell covers are gasketed, but that's an easy fix. However, the trolley column holes are also not gasketed, albeit the seams are very tiny, but this would be one possible are of infiltration (not MSX trolley handle level tho). Also, the front and back cooling vent holes, while I like for obvious cooling design, are 2 other areas of possible water penetration, but less trivial, as those vent holes are below the actual board level (board is raised by the heasink), pointed at the heatsink cavities below. But also on the above rain tip, the LCD panel unfortunately isn't the waterproof gel+plastic button deal, it's plastic cover over a mechanical plastic button, and the LCD panel was peeling at 1 edge from the start, so this thing is possibly vulnerable in rain. I would invest in a good XL shower cap or garbage bag cover for rain Another useless (or useful(?)) thing no YouTuber would cover is the fact that, yes, the headlight and taillight are easily removable, and the plugs are 3.5mm pins. Which is awesome because you can technically easily swap in your own headlight of choice! In fact, @Ben Kim already found the generic frontlight they're using here. . Portability-wise, it's just as ppl probably think here: this thing, while not impossible, is DAMN HEAVY! (ie. heaviest in the market) And you can only really lift it awkwardly like a heavy gaming PC by the far front and back railing. This is really the major hiccup that has me wavering over pressing the buy button. Oh! and for the seated riding fans, this thing is definitely too low to just sit. It's not MSX squatty-potty bad, but you still have to straddle the back edge with your twig-and-berries. What a shame! All they needed to do is make this thing a few inches taller for seatless proper seated riding. Oh well. Some guys are trying to herald this as the next Messiah, one wheel-to-vanquish all, but IMHO it's more like this is what the 100V MSX should have been: an actual improved re-design. If you don't care about build quality or want a lighter, cheaper wheel with similar performance, definitely the MSX is still that. But M Night Shamalan to me is the MSX speed performance, wrapped in a much better and cleaner shell, but she also gained like 30+ lbs and can't be lifted up and across the room in a civil manner (oh yeah, I flaked and forgot to bring my spare power button to test, but I spied a few empty 2-pin spots on the board that might be hiding as a live handle disengage port, dunno). Argh, if the soft mode wasn't so intriguing, I would so easily be able to cross this wheel off my list. Decisions, decisions...... EDIT: FML, pre-ordered
  14. I've published an article on Medium about the Veteran Sherman. It may be of interest for those who are new to the wheel and a reference for those who are already familiar with it. It's by no means comprehensive, but I did want to collect all the info I've learned from talking to Veteran and put it in one spot. I hope some of you find it useful. https://medium.com/@shanewhilde/what-we-know-about-the-veteran-sherman-electric-unicycle-591db2d4a70a
  15. I found Sherman for 1.758 USD and there was nothing about pre-sell or incomplete price. I put order and seller then informed me about pre-sell and the price is not final. I cancelled my order. I recommend them to change description and to inform buyers about it. So, until they change description, you should know their price 1.758 USD is not final. edit: Price is now raised to 2.758 USD
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