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Found 18 results

  1. I have 3 Gotways: The MCM5, SMX and Mten3 - also Im having wet dreams of the Gotway Monster. Ive been driving daily for 4 weeks - the SMX - Mten3 combo is very good for learning I have to admit The small wheel is often used indoors, which is great fun. Is this just the EUCAC (electric Unicycle Aquiring Syndrome)
  2. I dented my Monster V3 84volt 2400wh rim and was able to purchase a new rim minus the motor through Ewheels. I haven’t been able to find any advice on how to remove the motor to swap to the new rim. Any advice or links would be appreciated.
  3. Hi, does anyone knows what specs are the standard bms for the 20s from gotway? I'm looking specifically at the max current rating that I need for an extra battery pack. thank you
  4. I’m curious what others have for a top speed on their Monster V3 84volt? I’ve hit 32.7 mph (DarknessBot) as my top speed and wondering if I can push it some more.
  5. I have a V3 INMOTION for 2 years. Trying to patch a tube from one of the tyres, in the process of opening the scooter, I accidentaly touched the motherboard with a screwdriver and burned the electronic moterboard. I took the battery and the motherboard out from the carcase in the hope to find out a way to repair it, but in the meantime, the battery exploded in my garage and there was nothing left to attempt any repair!!! I am trying to order one from INMOTION for more than on year, but I get no answer. I come here in this forum with the hope to find somebody that has a damaged V3 and has the battery and the motherboard still intact. Thank you in advance for your answers!!!
  6. Does anyone know the range the Inmotion V3 Pro gets? thanks
  7. Hello everyone longer timer lurker, first time poster. So today i just got my new Gotway msuper v3 in the door and have been having a blast all day, there's just one thing that bothers me right now. The tiltback starts at 25km/h and that is the highest value i can set it to in the gotway 2.11 app for android. I've heard somewhere that you have to ride it for about a 100km before the higher speeds become available. How do i get faster than 25km/h ?
  8. Coffee guy

    InMotion V3s

    I'm thrilled at joining the ranks of euc users. Although been riding for approximately 1 month, I've aggressively logged now over 62.7km. Looking forward to interacting with more of you in the forum(s), also in real. Now, can anyone tell me what the software funtion of the "Zero Point" is? Also, regarding the built-in overspeed protection, is there a way to (re) adjust it?
  9. Hi all, Yesterday night I got my long waited MSuper V3S+ 1300Wh, after taking it out of the box eager to go for a ride, nothing happen... extra loud beeping noise and no balance and sometimes stuttering. Here is the video of what is going on https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8xmWEYihcQtbGpRc2xUaUZubjQ/view?usp=sharing Your advises and tips will be very welcome. Thank you
  10. I love my Msuper V3. But: when things get wet and dirty, it has this nasty habit to throw everything up my back the road has to offer. Uhhh, I don't like mud slinging (even though it seems to become increasingly popular in politics). So, here is my solution: a 3D printed mudguard! Pick it from the print bed, peel off the brim, smack it on your Msuper and you're set to go! If you have access to a 3D printer (pretty much any one will do), download the model file from here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2083438, use up some 70 grams of ordinary PLA filament (< $2) and enjoy riding through Siberia in the fall. If not, google "3D Print Service" and find somebody, who prints it for you for less than $20. I put the file into public domain, so anybody can use it privat or commercially. I positively invite GotWay (happy New Year, @Linnea Lin Gotway & @Jane Mo! Does CNY come with New Year's resolutions, too?) and the nice distributors in this forum to use it. Give it your own branding if you like. And folks, please don't complain, if a distributor asks 50 bucks per piece - they have all those warranty obligations, can't exclude liability (like I do ) and still need to make a living... Here's my test ride today on Tempelhof airfield:
  11. I have a friend that keep claiming he does not trust Msuper V3 (820wh model) because it has been reported that some users have experienced random cutout I do not seem to be able to find the evidence in the GW group, but does he have a point? I have not experienced this with my own V3 - 820wh but I have never ridden it above 35 kph.
  12. Ian just published a very helpful video of disassembly and re-assembly of a Msuper V3: Again, this is Ian's video - not mine. So, if you appreciate his work, please head over to Youtube to give him some credit. Thanks!
  13. Noillek

    EUC Survey

    Hi all, I'm reading allot of different opinions about EUC riders and what they value on a wheel and which use they give to it... although the functional design and characteristics of a unicycle is always the same. Wouldn't be a market for several types of unicycles? When I think about the EUC's comes always to my mind a Ford Model T, everyone rides more or less the same, there's not really big differences, except battery range and wheel size. What if we could have a racing wheel, an offroad wheel, commuting wheel, trick wheel, etc. No commercial interest from my side, just curiosity... but if all the business users can do something with the information i'm sure that the community can benefit. Thanks Regards, Pedro
  14. Hi Guys, I am one of the very people in London commuting daily to work on my Gotway MSuper V3. I stay on the bike lanes and have my full protective gear on top of my suit. Needless to say that I have saved a lot of money on public transport since I started riding my EUC to work. However the outer shell did take some battering whilst learning so it needs a facelift for sure and was wondering if anyone can advise me on my options? i.e. where to buy an outer shell and how to change it myself. Thanking you in advance for your help.
  15. Hello Everyone, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to riding electric unicycles. I just recently began riding an EUC after spending the last year or so riding a boosted board and Onewheel. I wanted an 18 in wheel, but the ones I wanted were not available at the time. I ended up purchasing a KS 14c with the big battery from Jason at ewheels who is an outstanding dealer by the way. This became my first wheel and I have become fairly proficient on it and like it a lot. I want to purchase two other wheels to enjoy and ride with my family. The three I have narrowed it down with are the KS 18, MSuper v3 and KS 16. I like the idea of the 18 inch wheel for increased stability, but I do like the design of the KS 16 and it's trolley handle. I'm 44 years old and don't push the speed limits to the max. I do like the large foot pedals of the MSuper for my size 12 (US) shoe. I'm 6'3" and weight about 185lb If that helps any. Any input would be appreciated. Of these 3, which are your favorites. Feel free to add other suggestions if I missed one that should be in the list. Thanks for your help, Matt
  16. I got around 33km from full charge to less than 20% on the battery (820wh). Had to ride below 20kph the last 3 km to prevent the beeping. It was windy conditions and 22C ambient and I'm around 95kg. I was riding close the 30kph most of the time, with a few breaks in between. What ranges are you getting on your V3? This seems short to me, as I would get close to 50km om my KS16 - 840wh
  17. Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker, I thought, when UPS brought me my new MSuperV3 and I was able to ride it the first time. What a fun factory Gotway has built. The wheel is super fast with high driving dynamics. A comparison with my old Ninebot is similar to compare rocket shoes and slippers. The maximum speed was about 42 km/h up to now.If the V3 would not be so loud, it would become my perfect wheel. Unfortunately, there is a disturbing high-frequency beep. This beep noise is so loud, that animals like horses and dogs are afraid of it. This can be dangerous under certain circumstances. For example, when I drive in our horse stable, the horses become nervous. In the stable I have to take the Ninebot therefor. Hmm … what a crap?I opened the side panel of the wheel, looking fort the PCB. Does one knows what is causing the noise? Cebo
  18. https://angerisa.ch/196-inmotion-v3pro-blau.html
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