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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, i'd like to ask the community for some help. Now that our wheels cost more money and are widely known to (some) people, are prone to stealing. We had a case of a friend here in Greece that someone stole his KS16S when he was buying some coffee. Me personally, i rock a Nikola Plus 100V with the 21700 cells, that from what i've seen so far from other wheels and my one, no-one uses the on-board USB charging port, so i thought why not REVERSING IT, so it can be used from inside the wheel for a specific purpose or even diy stuff. For example see this : i've got so much empty space on the upper part of the wheel, a compartment that in other variants of the Nikola (or plus) is filled with extra battery pack or even the actual board (see Nikola 84V) So, i'm thinking if i can have the 5V port inside the wheel i can install one of the following things : a gps tracker a spare android phone that is used as a gps tracker more speakers ( ) but last, the best thing that is missing from this wheel extra cooling fans cause as @Marty Backe mentioned in his video "First impressions" at 13:40 talks about the fan that is there just to circulate the air, cause this wheel doesn't have proper ventilation. So....... What are your opinions and/or suggestions about the reversal of the USB port, the possibilities are "∞" i also have a raspberry pi3 with a x4 breadboard, i could do so many things inside the wheel, but first things first i could REALLY install extra fans and circulate the air properly!!! Does anyone know how to reverse the usb port and make it internal ? maybe friends that know how things work, @esaj or @enaon ?
  2. I really would like a USB charger on the Veteran Sherman. I feel like this is the one essential accessory missing from this wheel. I've have successfully added this type of 12v adapter to other devices for convenience. Without yet having the Veteran Sherman there is no way for me to know the best place to tap into the board for power. I do however think this would be a great addition as it would not only allow you to add a USB adapter but just about any 12v accessory. If your only looking for a USB connection the other adapter (see photo) would work as well. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions or alternatives are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Sequence DNA on a USB device for about $1,000 Around 1995 I was working for a DNA sequencing related project in Boston. Groups around the country were working independently as in some on chromosome 1 stuff and another on chr X and another redundantly working on the same chromosome region Medical data strongly supports the correlation between specific genes and certain medical conditions. In the 1990's the methods required to sequence DNA used radioactive isotopes of either sulfur or phosphorus and ran overnight 'gels' about the size of a page from the NY Times. The next day an autorad was made by placing film on top of the dried gel affixed to chromatography paper, the waste isotopes were poured down the drain (according to legal limits) and after a period of a few hours a set of hand recorded bases numbering about 150 total was recorded. After congressional funding was obtained new techniques were developed to sequence DNA in reads as long as several hundred bases per night without using isotopes. The entire genome of humans was finished and made available to the public around 2000. Between then and now a new sequencing method called 'next generation sequencing' became available whereby an entire human genome could be sequenced in a matter of days using 'massively parallel' computer processing. In the last 5 to 10 years a new sequencing method based entirely on microfluidics and the electronic detection of the bases of a single strand of DNA passing through a small microfluidics system micropore became a reality. The first microfluidics DNA sequencers were erroneous at rates up to 30%. More recently that error rate has been reduced significantly. I was working one night on my laptop when a LinkedIn notification announced that a fellow I did some lab work for had been at his new company for a full year. Looking at his LinkedIn posts turned up a picture of him standing next to space shuttle astronaut 'Kate Rubins'. She used a microfluidics based DNA sequencer on the space shuttle. The 'Minion microfluidics' DNA sequencer fits onto a USB sized device and plugs into a laptop via a USB 3 port. The cost of a device of this type is about $1,000. The company URL is: https://nanoporetech.com/products/minion
  4. Here are some of the features I thought of for improving existing models. Please vote for the best features you would like to see in the future. Hopefully manufacturers take note.
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