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Found 5 results

  1. Uniwheel

    An open letter

    Dear EUC forum members, It has been a long journey so far, but we are pleased to announce that Uniwheel is now available to the general public. Over the past year we have been evolving as a company, learning from our initial strides into personal electric transportation. Keeping a low profile has been a difficult decision to make, but one we felt necessary as to avoid any confusion or controversy that was not reflective of goings on. So what has been happening? Developing our software – Not happy with our original software or the developments of our competitors, we decided to perfect ours. Using our own in house team software engineers we have been able to develop a far greater ride experience. And with a our team of test riders, we have been able to thoroughly review our software though thousands of miles of testing. Making sure its as safe and bug free as anything on the market. Growing up - Away from our product we have been developing and strengthening as company. From securing future supply chains to developing new product, we now have the structure and expertise to bring you new and exciting product innovations to a standard we can call Uniwheel. Getting ready for the future - As well as learning from our experiences we have been preparing for the future of electric transportation. Making innovations and product developments that capture the imagination of people, helping enhance the value of personal electric transportation as a whole. Where we are now? We understand that Uniwheel is not the most powerful wheel on the market or has the most range. But we feel it is one of the most considered toward daily use in urban environments, we see our current wheel as a city wheel, helping you join the dots of urban transport. A wheel that fits in with that environment both stylistically and functionally. Whats next? As well as focusing on the journey ahead we have had the time to appreciate the views of the current community. So in line with this, we have already made developments for the next version of Uniwheel that will address subjects such as range and speed. I hope this alleviates any suspicions or confusions you may have been having or have had about Uniwheel over the past 12-15 months. We would like to thank you all for being so patient over the last year, and we are glad to be firmly back in the community again. Regards Uniwheel team.
  2. Hello Everybody! My name is Eryk and I am the Engineering Project Leader behind Uniwheel. I have spent the past two years building our team to help us deliver the best last mile personal transportation device. Our team has very high aspirations as we all come from very competitive and professional companies our aim is to change the EUC market and make it on par with the 21st century. We are just about to finish our R&D activity on our first product, we know its limitations but we count on the support of the community to help us overcome those and create the product we all have dreamt of. I would like to assure that all of our R&D team ride the uni at all possible times, I personally ride it to work daily [17km round trip], our lead mechanical engineer Kevin gave up walking over 8 months ago and always fights to get his wheel to ride home... as well as the other team members who are in charge of UI, Design and Accessories are all power users of the wheel! We have a good idea what makes a good uni it just takes time to make sure it lives up to our high expectation level before we are ready to release it to public. Thank you for your interest and we welcome your feedback Eryk
  3. Long time lurker first time poster........! Well after following the release of the Uniwheel I got to spend 5mins which was not enough time..! I ride day to day a Ninebot E+ and I bloody love it but with it being a company shrouded by smoke and mist and slight of hand as much as I love the bot I hate not knowing what is coming from these guys... what the bloody firmware is going to do or what is updated with each release... Then you have the fact they release a model 2 months later there is a newer model... Which is faster goes further etc etc... My bugbear is not knowing and not being able to make educated decision on my next purchase..! Which brings me to Uniwheel which I came across on facebook of all places and have followed them with eagerness... I like the fact these guys are in the UK maybe summit to do with project 42? and seem to have a passion for electric unicycles, And after reading a few press releases started to get a little excited.. I signed up to there website for updates signed up to facebook, twitter...blah blah blah. Then I found out they were doing a beta!!!! but alas it got delayed and the next thing i knew it got canceled in fact I am unsure if it did get delayed but it did get canceled and I didn't find out it was canceled until I email one of the team..... To say I was gutted would be a understatement.. I wanted to try this unicycle I wanted to help build the product I wanted to be part of a community of a uk unicycle group.. But the most annoying thing was the lack of communication from them. It felt like Ninebot . Right which brings me to now.. I had a bit of a moan on facebook about the beta being canceled and got invited to the gadget show to have a demo and a chat... I had about 5mins max on the wheel so can't give a proper review what I can say is I liked it alot i liked the weight the safety features the auto off feature is killer and a quick demo of this proves to me this is going to be one of the features on uniwheels that we can't live without but never really notice (apple fingerprint unlock). You ride upto some steps flip the pedals up the wheel goes to sleep get to the top drop the peddles and it's ready to go... brilliant feature!! and I reckon a overlooked one which will be the norm on all wheels soon.. The lights/reversible light (it knows which way your riding) was only seen in daylight! and in fairness from a distance it did catch my eye, Would it work at night I'm yet to try but I think it would, could it guide you home... I don't know. I didn't get to see the app at play I tried to sneak a look but was to slow... Lol... So after spending the smallest amount of time with the guys and asking questions!!! I am filled with more questions. I did ask about the battery size and kilometers out of single charge but was told the batteries are being upgraded or bigger batteries were on the way. I also asked if the battery could be charged out of the unit? yes but we have not fully developed the charger yet..!. I also asked about the motor and yes it may be upgraded.... So what is the the upgrade path? How much are the batteries going to cost? Are we looking to the ninebot way of things? Are these add ons going to be premium?... I wanted to chat to the guys further but they were busy and rushed the gadget show was rammed for a everyday unicyclist maybe they should hold a open day for us because it was not the best area or setting.... great wheel if not perfect YET....
  4. 9th March 2016:- Me and my mate took a trip down to London from Norwich to go and see the Uniwheel and chat to the guys who designed it. I currently have an X8 but am now looking for a faster wheel. My mate rides a Solowheel Xtreme. My opinion:- After spending an hour with these guys and then testing their Uniwheels in the back road, I was pretty impressed. It rode well and was comfortable (I'm female). In my opinion, reading through some of the comments here on this excellent forum, you should have confidence in the motor power numbers etc and not judge these guys by the standards of other EU manufacturers who stretch the truth. Maybe do what we did, and go visit them before offering opinions on the Uniwheel and get an understanding of it, and them and their ethos. These guys are passionate about their product and really seem to know what they are doing, with the valuable experience of having come for the automobile industry. You should also know that they have decided to back away from the beta testing for many reasons. They said they will be supportive in case of product malfunctions on the first wheels off the production line on wards, and being a business woman myself, I found them sincere in their comments. They are clearly out to please their clients and are, in a sincere way, 'Geeks'. The design was not just skin deep but went into the components too with 'safety' being very high on their list in order to satisfy not only themselves but the regulative authorities in the UK. I really got the sense that these guys genuinely really care about all aspects. The Lipo batteries seemed easy to swap over and I would personally not have an issue with carrying the spare in my backpack (handbag ;-) ) For me, the design was better in reality than on picture and I was suitably impressed all around. Because I don’t know the technical jargon I can't quote much here but when these guys say it goes 22kph, I believe them! (despite being a blonde). This seems to be a real quality product compared to much cheaper units although I personally do feel it is still priced a little on the high end, but maybe this cost is an issue for me only because of the falling prices of the other EU's out there at this moment in time. Lets face it, in comparison, the Solowheel Xtreme is a pretty amazing quality wheel but again, the price is OTT. Quality and safety isn't cheap! Go and see Steve and his team and give the new Uniwheel a ride! :-)
  5. Hi everyone, I have 2 brand new Wheel's model for sale, it is great price, Uniwheel sale for 260 pound and Himiway sale for 360 pounds. and we provide free delivery in central london if anyone interests, please let me know, thanks
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