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Found 3 results

  1. What’s your take on the situation? In America I don’t feel like I can trust any of the news I read online, from the American stuff or the Russian stuff. Anyway I hope the best for you! And I apologize in advance for everyone who is not in Ukraine and repeats some propaganda that ended up feeling plausible to them
  2. As most of you probably know, I am the developer of the EUC World app that many of you use. Working on the development of EUC World takes me a lot of time, I put all my knowledge and passion into it and I am glad that thanks to my work and dedication, you can use a convenient and useful application for your wheel. Whatever I do, I do for the entire community, regardless of nationality, gender, age, skin color, religion, political views etc. Actually, it's all about passion we all share - EUC riding. I am the deveoper who created both the application and the EUC World website. Being Polish, I am also the author of the Polish translation. The other translations available in EUC World were created by other users who put in their time and commitment so that the EUC community can enjoy an application and website that works in their language. It should not surprise anyone that the French language in EUC World is the work of a French user, just like the Spanish language is the work of a user from Spain and the Greek language is the work of a Greek user. However, Russian translation has been created and was maintained by a Ukrainian from Kiev. This Ukrainian, after Russian bombs started falling on his city, demanded that his work be removed from the EUC World project. Fairly understandable decision, don't you think? It was my legal obligation to fulfil demand of the man who owns the copyright to his work. And the fact that I completely understood his intentions and fully agreed with him is irrelevant here. In this hard time I also wove a Ukrainian flag into the app's logo to symbolically express my solidarity with my Ukrainian neighbors. But no restrictions or limitations were applied to Russian or Belarusian users. Not a single, smallest one. Unfortunately, since then EUC World project and I personally have become targets of various attacks from many users, mainly from Russia or Belarus (based on IP geolocation). The screenshot below is just one of the less aggressive examples, because calling me a "political prostitute" is actually one of the milder insults I received to date. I always wanted to separate EUC World and myself from the world of politics, but today the bitterness spilled over, as I cannot get past the claim that Russian people has never attacked anyone. Dear Russian-speaking riders, you deserve to know some historical facts which are well known all over the world, but which your government propaganda may try to question or falsify. In 1919 Soviet Russia attacked the Polish state which was just being reborn after many years of slavery. Fortunately, this attack was repulsed. When on September 1, 1939, Hitler's Germany attacked Poland from the west, sixteen days later Stalin's Russia dealt us a stab in the back, effectively forcing the fighting Poland to surrender with an attack from the east. A year later, in 1940, Russia massacred members of the Polish intelligentsia at Katyn. Twenty-two thousand Poles were murdered by a shot to the back of the head. In light of these facts claiming that Russia never attacked anyone is just a lie that harms the memory of victims. In many countries propaganda is a tool for influencing public opinion and often tries to distort or even falsify both history and reality. But it's we that builds the future by seeking for the truth. By knowing the history we can make a better future. But by falsifying it, we won't make the world any better. I never forget or deny the merits of the Red Army soldiers who liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are lot more great pages from Russian history. But we cannot pull from the pages of history only those events that make us heroes, while hiding those pages that tells about the evil we have done to others. It is a great pity that the heroism of the Red Army soldiers was covered by the shame of rapes, murders and robberies which these soldiers committed en masse on Polish lands. I admit that there are also pages in Polish history that no Pole should be proud of. In fact, such pages can be found in the history of every nation. For the time being, however, it was Russia which attacked Ukraine, and it is Ukrainians, not Russians, who are fleeing from war to countries such as Poland. This is the truth. I personally helped people and families that fleed from Ukraine due to Russian aggression. If Russia were the target of Ukraine's aggression, the EUC World app would feature the Russian flag woven into the logo and I would be involved in helping Russians. After all, I have friends in both Ukraine and Russia. My dream is to live in peace and friendship and that the EUC community to be united regardless of the language used by its members. EUC World is as open to everyone, regardless if he or she is from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Ukraine or any other country in the world. I didn't introduced any restrictions and all features are available without any limitations based on nationality or location of users. The only exception is removal of Russian translation on request from its author, but I explained it before. And I am extremely happy that still there are Russian, Belarussian and other Russian-speaking users who express understanding and respect for my work. Even if they don't share my point of view on some things. I'll keep working on EUC World for entire community, regardless of the nationality of their members. But please, don't attack me or my work. This is how aggression starts.
  3. First, I'd like to acknowledge that worrying about wheels is an absolute first world problem in times where people lose life and worry about their future. However, EUCs are also entirely neutral vehicles, tools helping people move, work or relax, all things which should continue with the least amount of disruption as possible especially in times of war with the added stress, economic pressure and uncertainty. I'm starting this topic in order to track what this conflict escalation has as side-effect in the EUC industry in general and on you guys in particular, orders or even riding conditions. I would like it to remain the least conflictual possible so we can openly the impact on EUCs without getting carried away into discussing the war itself. I'll start: I have a V12 waiting and S20 pre-order at EUCShop, situated in Lithuania: headquarter Vilnius. Lithuania doesn't have a direct border with Russia or Ukraine, however it has with Belarus which seemed to be a country where NATO reinforcement were concentrated. I have high trust for its owner, however I wonder how the conflict would impact shipments from China. On top of that, Lithuania is also in an escalating diplomatic rhetoric with China for the last few months, which seemed to have no effect so far. I'll ask the shop owner if the shipments (rail) were usually going via Russia or Ukraine. Looking at a map, it seems very difficult to ship stuff by rail avoiding both Russia and Ukraine.
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