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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone,huge fan of electric unicycles & took me ages to get one that would go the desired distance and have enough grunt to get me up the steep hills in hastings but I got there eventually, so I was riding along loving my new tesla 2 when this big fat @₩,#jbdjf,strode out into the road and pushed me off damaging my wheel phone and possibly cracking the bone in my shin,there was a witness and was on CCTV but when I reported it to the local police they told me they were going to confiscate my unicycle,I told them in no uncertain terms they would have to prise it out of my cold dead hands and they told me if i wanted the thug prosecuted for assault they would first have to caution me for riding an illegal vehicle and if they saw me on it again that it would be confiscated and i would be arrested,have now sold my pride and joy and quite honestly have no enjoyment in life anymore now,how is this justice and how can I get round the law because I miss my unicycle so much please help me 😞
  2. I think we can all agree that EUCs are getting close to the point where they might be considered safe to drive on the roads. Higher power motors means more control over braking and less chance off a cut-out. Unfortunately in my country EUCs don't even qualify for SVA (single vehicle approval) as they only have one wheel. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-approval/motorcycle-single-vehicle-approval I think if the law was expanded to include one-wheeled vehicles, people would definitely find a way to tick all the boxes and make a street legal EUC. Imagine that! Driving on the road on your Sherman or gotway and not feeling guilty about it. Just a thought. What are your opinions?
  3. I'm considering moving to the UK in a year or so. I read online that it's now legal to ride "rented e-scooters", but with a provisional license and insurance from the hire company, whatever that means. I'm hoping by the time I want to come they will be legal - but are we doing anything over in the UK to help push for their legality? I see arguments against them, stating "congestion" or "accidents", but you get that with anything you ride - especially cars. I think they should be fully legal with no speed limits but perhaps requiring a helmet in the very least. I'm surprised that the USA doesn't give a rat's ass about EUCs, but that the UK cares. I don't get it. Does anyone see a change coming soon to the UK on this? Is there a way we can get them to address them in our favor? Anyone in/around London/UK area who has more info or hopes? Thank you.
  4. Not directly about EUC's but this article may be of interest to UK riders. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48106617
  5. Hello I'm moving to London from New Zealand. I've had two Gotway M-Supers which I love. My questions are in regards to UK law stating that electric scooters are illegal on footpaths and roads. Are the Police actively policing this law (are people actually being fined) or are people actively still riding about and just taking the risk that they may get a fine? Are people still riding e-wheels in London or has the law killed them all off? How about cycle ways and parks? Are people more or less stung on these? It would be great to get some context as I'm trying to consider if I should ship my e-wheel there or am I just wasting my money? It's been a few years now so I'm not sure if the hype has died down about it and the police and politicians have moved on to more important issues.
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