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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if any of the following EUC have a retractable handle that extends to at least 32 inches from the ground? Inmotion V10F Inmotion V10 Inmotion V8 Kingsong 16S Kingsong 14S Kingsong 14D I cannot find any information on the heights that trolley handles reach, when fully extended. I am 6'1", ~200lbs, and brand new here. Looking to eventually buy my first new EUC. I have previously only (briefly) owned a used Airwheel X3. As much as all the other specs are way more important, it will quickly become very frustrating if I have to bend sideways whenever I need to trolley around my $1000+ EUC machine. Thanks in advance, Thomas
  2. Scratched up my Z10 pedals plenty and am looking to replace them and the trolley handle. Ninebot doesn't seem to be offering any official replacement parts unless I'm looking in the wrong place. Has anyone bought some off AliExpress or other sites? I'm a little sketched as I don't know if they are actually Ninebot official parts, and I'd like to trust what's under my feet at 27mph. Linked a couple below. Link Link
  3. Just received a brand new V5F/Glide 2 with the trolley handle kit and I noticed that the handle doesn't quite fit the four machined screw holes that are in the Glide 2 handle. As you can see in the pictures, I had to use a dremel tool to extend all of the four screw holes on the trolley handle. Looks like Inmotion's accessories engineers messed this one up.
  4. I just ordered new Inmotion V5F+ from Jason. Will be delivered in few weeks. The handle is the selling point here. Of course end of the year discount is also a factor. I also like the range and less weight, compared to Ninebot One E+. I guess my low mileage Ninebot will be on sale soon.
  5. I am interested in ordering the standard 9B1 trolley handle and parking stand for my 9B1 S1. Does anyone know if these items are compatible with the S1? So far I have not found anything indicating this. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  6. The SML-160 is a wheel that does not run more than 20Km/h, it dates back to the "far" August 2014, a time when even the mythical and costly Solowheel ran to 18Km/h. It is one of a series of three very original design models: the 14" SML-140, the 16" SML-160 and one more 16" SML L-swan. The first two are pretty well known while, as regard the third one the swan, I did not even find a movie document either on YouTube or on the similar Chinese YouKu. With the exception of the swan, both the 140 and the 160 mount a pair of front wheels to facilitate transport. Note that only those of the 160 can be opened by moving them laterally under the pedals, a unique and never imitated feature, useful perhaps to learn or rather better to use it as a hoverboard. But the most remarkable thing is that SML was the first brand to introduce the most comfortable and useful trolley handle integrated into the structure and extensible even during the ride. That being said, let’s come nowadays. Seeing that one of the Aliexpress sellers (Rockwell store), had some SML-160 in stock at a lowered price, I decided to buy one (50 km version). After about 30 days of troubled pregnancy, with abortion threats regarding the order and mine strong abdominal pains due to the doubts often relating to online shopping, at the end UPS gave birth to the baby. After making a video while opening the parcel, to show as an evidence in an eventual dispute for missing or defective product, I proceeded to a first analysis of the content. The wheel seems very well made, it is a 16” wheel has 420Watt motor and a 515Wh battery. There are two handles, one is part of the shell and the other one is a very robust trolley handle made of thick aluminum tubes. Quite thicker and stronger than other made by more famous EUC brands. Yes, to see how it's made, I opened the shell of my new creature.... Unlike other wheels, this one has a front and a rear side. It has a white front headlamp and a rear large red one. Both are not very bright. The battery meter shows the percentage of residual charge. The pedals have a rubber anti slip surface and a magnetic lock and their ground clearance is 12cm, like a KingSong KS16. Internal components are in the most usual position: batteries placed laterally and the controller board mounted horizontally above them. This is a picture from above of my own SML-160. The battery has an unusual configuration. There are two packs of 24 batteries, for a total of 48 cells. Each pack is made of a 3 groups connected in parallel and each group is made of 8 cells in series (4,2v x 8 =33,6v.) The two packs are connected in series 33,6v+33,6v = 67,2v. The provided charger is 67,2v 1.5Amps. It has a Bluetooth amplifier with a single loudspeaker. But there is the connector for a second loudspeaker. The maximum speed is about 20Km/h, and when you are too fast, a female voice says something in Chinese, I suppose she suggests to reduce the speed. I have not yet rode the wheel for a long way but, if you want to see it in action, simply search on YouTube or YouKu for " SML160 ". IMHO this is a very good choice for both beginner and skilled wheelers considering its low price and its unique characteristics. The only limiting point is the 20km/h maximum speed. Anyway I'm very happy with it that I consider like a very nice old lady .
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