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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Guys. I started riding EUC purely because we started selling them in the UK. I purely use mine for fun and tricks rarely do i use it as a tool to commute. Ive clocked up about 1000km mainly in my town and have got to point of wanting to practice more advanced skills, at present i am learning to ride backwards which is coming along nicely. The reason for this post is i noticed when wanting to learn to ride backwards most videos just show people performing the tricks very rarely did i find good content showing you how to learn the tricks. So today I ask you all
  2. I would really love to hear about some other new and inventive tricks, especially original and extreme as well as high, steep and far....and of course dangerous! I made up some sick new tricks the other day at the skatepark, I am especially stoked on the "Ollie Pedal Slide"!! This need to do new things with new stuff all comes from being a skateboarder, snowboarder, snow-skateboarder and any other skillful sport and adventure I have found. How about you? P.S. My new skatepark video loading later today! ....but here's a preview pic of one of the first "Ollie Pedal Slide" I landed that day,
  3. Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks I use with Darknessbot and the Apple Watch companion app. Enjoy 😊
  4. I didn’t see a thread elsewhere, so I figured I’d start one... I know we all have our reasons and rationale for riding our wheels. Some use them for commuting. Some use them as last mile alternatives. Some use them for lazy Sunday drives. Some carve through trails. And most of us probably combine at least all of these and then some. For me, one of the guilty pleasures that attracted me to this sport, etc was the “ballet” that many in our EUC community perform. Penny spins, backward riding, 180’s, 360’s, multiple 360’s, one leg riding, crossovers, even handstands. It boggles my admittedly pea s
  5. I own a KS16s and KS18L. I wonder anyone out there knows about doing tricks on a wheel would harm the mechanical integrity of the wheel such as the axle and bearings. Partly, I think that depends on the weight of the person and partly on the size of the wheel. I notice when I do one leg riding on KS16S, sometimes I would feel more stress and hear some change of motor sound when more pressure is put on one side of the wheel. However, on KS18L, neither is felt. My KS16S croaked after 3000 miles within 2 years. Did unusual riding bring it to its early demise?
  6. So I’ve been riding about 2 months now . I’ve learned how to ride with one leg , so one leg spins , ride slow , carve back and forth ect...but riding backwards is still seemingly impossible for me . As soon as I get going I can’t help but turn sharply to one side or the other . Just wondering how others learned and if there were any tips or tricks . Thanks !
  7. List here different maneuvers here to make yourself a better rider or to have safe fun....
  8. Not sure if this is old news / has been shared here before, but this just came up in my YT suggested videos. Respect to this guy on a V5F...
  9. I received my KS14D Parts a couple weeks back and thought I would post a couple before and after Pictures. And a couple explanations. My poor baby...everything's gonna be ok! New Parts.....F yeah! I was pretty damn amped to get this shiny new body on that sexy frame. Fenders, lights, electronics, pedals, pads, screws and more plastic. So I took her apart like this...in the kitchen. Lol. Ok, maybe not to the girlfriend. Quick test to check the batteries...make sure all is in order. Had to take a skeleton ride real quick for fun. Then back to a
  10. My wife has often asked this question and I'm sure some of you also get asked by your spouses – How much do you spend on your wheel? (That’s the very polite version of the question ) So I had a spare half hour and decided I’d look at all my orders and list my expenditure going back to when I brought my first EUC back in May 2015. I’m always mending my wheel and replacing broken/worn parts – doing tricks definitely takes its toll on parts (as well as the body) . For example, “Spinning” quickly wears down the foot plates and tires. And practising “Penny Spins” can result in cracked shells and br
  11. How much damage have you done to your EUC? Even if you don't do tricks like me or ride off road, even the best of us fall and subsequently do a little beating up on our wheels. Well....I don't know if anyone wondered what happens to my wheel after doing what I do. Well here's a couple pics folks. EUC Street Pedal Grind before and after. Here's some pics. There's a video rundown on it's way for the almost indestructible KS14D. Wheel aside....I was really damn proud of getting the before and after pics into the same perspective.
  12. I remember seeing a couple of video's a while back of riders standing on top of their wheels whilst riding along. It looked like an awesome trick. I can't find the links (it was a Chinese or Thai video) but from memory, the wheels used had a flat top, which provided a place to stand. Has anyone seen this trick done on a round-topped wheel like the Ninebot One? I didn't think it could be done on a round topped wheel but then my (latest) handle just snapped off leaving somewhere I could potentially put my foot and now I'm thinking it may be possible? Has anyone tried this tri
  13. Learning to do tricks consistently on an electric unicycle requires learning technique, (lots of) practice/repetition, understanding the parameters under which your wheel operates and recognising (and attempting to control, or embrace) any variable(s). Controlling the Variables A variable is an element, feature, or factor that is liable to vary or change. If you are trying to learn to do a trick consistently then it’s a very good idea to have a think about what elements, features or factors could vary, and how these may be controlled. Some variables are more practical to control than
  14. This is a thread for links to footage of tricks from other wheel/skate sports that could potentially be transitioned to the electric unicycle. Moderators - feel free to move this thread to a different section if you feel it doesn't belong here There's already a thread for posting tricks/stunts performed on electric unicycles: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/148-tricks-to-learn/ You can copy a You Tube video from a specific time point by right clicking on the video and "copy video URL at current time" I'll start with a crazy BMX pole spin - with an EUC you'd b
  15. Hey guys, anyone have any tips for jumping over curbs and idling/moving slowly through a crowd? Here's a pretty neat video I ran into with the ninebot one .
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