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Found 2 results

  1. I fell, rolling on King Song 18a 1360wh at top speed on tarmac, still alive and now I wonder if anyone had the same experience under similar circumstances. So my story is: after 100 km the wheel android app allowed me to set the upper speed limit at 40 km/hour. I setup my wheel with the following numbers: Class 1 Alarm = 0, Class 2 Alarm = 0, Class 3 Alarm = 38, Ollie Speed = 40 and went to roll with battery fully loaded. After 32 km (more than 60% of power remaining - last and within the very first time I reached 106 km after the only charge) there were slopes on my way and while rolling downhill I reached the speed limit of 40 km/h. The wheel was continuously beeping, but I don’t remember pedals going up as it had been before when the wheel had been locked at 20 km/h (probably it depends on Class Alarm setup numbers). So after rolling at full speed downhill for at least a minute I probably reached the limit of 45 km/h and the wheel completely switched off its internal gyroscope after what I uncontrollably leaned forward and hit the ground. It would have been better, if I had body protection on at that time, but I had nothing but shoes and swimming trunks. Insane – you might say, but I was completely sure in my wheel, absolutely stable movement on even tarmac and had absolutely no clue, that the wheel could have switched its gyroscope off after reaching that 45 km/h limit. You may experience this, if you switch your King Song 18a 1360wh wheel on, lift it and lean it in air to one side or the other – it will reach 45 km/h pretty quick, after what gyroscope will be switched off, wheel will stop turning, but it will be still powered. And after that you will have to switch the wheel off and on again in order to switch gyroscope on and calibrate a new horizontal level. So my question is: Can I somehow override wheel setup and force it not to switch gyroscope off, when I reach 45 km/h speed limit? P.S. I could not find in threads of this site similar story, so please don’t try me hard, if I had missed one. P.P.S. My condition is more or less good now on the second day after fall, just some skin ripped out, but healing pretty quick – in 2 weeks it will completely renew and in 4 weeks there will be no sign of it I hope.
  2. Oops I did it again... Hello lads! It looks like it was not enough for me to encounter one epic fail, which you can read about at Today just 2 hours ago I fell again at top speed of around 40 kmh ish. Last time I met tarmac, today it was just dusty village road... I have to say that after the first fall I made some conclusions and took some countermeasures: limited my speed at 35 kmh and bought body protection. That was right after the first fall and at that time my mileage was around 150 km only. Time passed by, I became more and more experienced EUC roller. I have to say that I used full body protection only once since the first fall - when taking pictures near my home to upload them to a social net. Usually I used only knee protection, but recently I refused using it also. The only protection you should have is in your head, it's your experience - this was my rule. Gradually I increased speed limit to 36, 37 and 38 kmh. 38 was my last. I was getting closer and closer to the limit. Now 870 km are behind. I have to say that the reason of my first top speed fall was all of a sudden power cut-off: I rolled downhill on even surface fully leaning forward, wheel was continuously beeping for awhile and then... Then the wheel power was cut-off and I uncontrollably ruined forward at around 40 kmh right on tarmac wearing only swim-trunks and sandals. Torn away skin was regenerated in a week and that was probably it. No other consequences. Speed limit had been preset at 40 kmh. This time was a bit different. Speed limit was 38. I rolled just over 2 hours and left around 30 km behind. Battery level was around 60%. I am an explorer - road beacons me. It is so interesting to roll far and far away, thanks to the wheel - it allows me to do so. So I reached a little pond overcrowded with swimming people. Only village road surrounded it. I rolled as fast as I could. They all looked at me like I was a miracle. Jumping from one bump to another I rolled around the pond at maximum of my abilities and wheel possibilities. And then on the next bump it cut its power off again, I heard something like a quiet click in the wheel and then absolute silence inside saying to me that - oops it did it again. I uncontrollably leaned forward and ruined right onto dirty dusty village road. No body protection, just swim-trunks and sandals. All people looked at me, all from around the pond - epic fail, Darwin's premium gained again. I have to say this time I hit my head slightly harder than on the first time. And lost my conscience for a few seconds. There's a little bump on my head now. Slowly pulling my self together I got up. There were two lads coming up to me first and asked me something. Don't know what I answered, but they disappeared as quickly as they approached. There were 12 km to my home and trying to do my best not to lose conscience again I slowly rolled back. This time I ripped less of my skin, but what bothers me now is my shoulder - I ruined my left acromioclavicular joint - it is the outer joint of clavicle. Tomorrow thinking about visiting a doctor and taking X-rays, but internet says it does not require anything special - regarding me I'll forget about that in 1.5 months: After coming back home I checked my phone - max registered speed was 46.2 kmh. How is this possible when I had set the limit at 38 only. No surprise that power was cut off. A free spin power cut off with no load was at around 45 kmh, when I tested it fully charged. Why do I write about that? Be careful, lads. King Song 18a 1360wh is a dangerous thing, its top speed limit should be set at 35 kmh only. My weight is 68 kg. If you are heaver, you should use lower limits. Thanks for reading.