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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys! I'we just got the new GotWay Tesla v2 and I'm interested to hear some reviews from you about it! Did you like it or not? Would you buy it? Do you recommend it? If you want to know what we think about it check it out right here :
  2. EDIT: As promised I added two more tires to the comparison – 5. Chao Yang H-5167 and 6. CST E-Bike PRO. You can find the description, video, scores and final conclusion below. As some of you may know from my first post in Inmotion thread, I have recently bought my first wheel - Inmotion V5F+. After learning how to ride the wheel, I started using it for daily commute to work and going around the city. I am absolutely thrilled by the wheel, but after few hundred kilometers and some strange and unexpected behaviour I started to doubt the tire that came with it. Therefore I bought 3 other 14 inch tires and made this little comparison that I would like to share with all that might be interested and could find it useful: DESCRIPTION: 1. Hota Tyre Slick, soft rubber tire, with very simple and shallow tread. This was the tire that came with my wheel and quite soon after learning to ride I became suspicious that this might not be very good tire. It could be a good tire but only for asphalt without any surface imperfections. Pros: very manoeuvrable and has a really good grip on good asphalt surface. Not bumpy when jumping down from reasonable heights. Low roll resistance. Cons: it REALY (!) likes to misbehave when you have any vertical lines or deformations along your route, you are immediately “railed”. This might be because when it warms up it gets “mushy” and the slick surface probably seeps into the deformations on the road. Uncomfortable when bumping into curbs. Before I tried other tires I thought that I maybe don't know how to handle the curbs because my knees sometimes hurt after longer rides. Now I know that is not the case because I never experienced this with other tires. For some reason this tire was also unable to hold the pressure above 40psi. I would pump it to 45psi and after few kilometers it would be back to 40. I used the same inner tube on all tires I tested. 2. CST Rhino King This is new model from CST with “puncture protection” and the most expensive electric bike tire I could find on Alibaba/Aliexpress/Taobao, so I thought it might be good. It is by far the most hard / rigid tire of the whole bunch, with relatively complex and very pronounced tread. This would be a very good tire if not for one fatal flaw. Pros: Stable during straight riding, good grip both on asphalt and gravel, quite comfortable when bumping into curbs, has puncture protection. Cons: Well this tire has one fatal combination for the EUC – it is very hard and it has such a steep fall-off on the tread that it is almost unreasonably difficult to control during leaning left or right. When you ride straight with only small left or right course changes it is perfect, but when you need to make any little bit more aggressive turn or lean into one side, you really have to work to keep the wheel from falling down :-( 3. Schwalbe Big Apple So called “balloon” tire, from well known Schwalbe brand. Simple and shallow but dense tread on soft and almost slick rubber surface. This tire has different construction from the other tires, with soft, paper thin side walls from different material (think its kevlar reinforced?) and is very deformable when not inflated. Many sources say that it has to be inflated to minimum of 55psi when used on EUC or otherwise you risk damage to the side walls, so I tested it both on 45psi (like other tires) and on 55psi. This is the only tire with slightly lower width – 14x2.0 (others are 14x2.125) Pros: Best tire for bumping into curbs and amortising any kind of bumps, especially when inflated to 45psi, but even on 55psi it’s still the best in this regard. Very good grip on asphalt. Relatively good directional stability, especially considering the shallow tread and soft surface. Low rolling resistance. Cons: Bit bumpy when jumping down from curbs, not the best grip on gravel. There is also potential damage to side walls (as reported by dmethwin on Firewheel thread). I travelled 80km on this tire and even after this low mileage there was some black dusty “residue” coming off the side walls when I dismounted the tire from the wheel. Not certain how this would influence safety in the long run. 4. Chao Yang H-5146 Tire from harder rubber, but not like CST Rhino King, about half as hard. Pronounced and complex tread. Pros: Most stable tire of all tested on any surface, it just goes where you want it to go without any unexpected surprises. Inmotion V5F+ is a very agile small wheel, which sometimes represented a challenge for relatively inexperienced driver like me (total of 800km in 45 days) when faced with nasty road anomalies , but this tire gives it another dimension in stability without compromising manoeuvrability! Very good directional stability and handling of vertical anomalies on the asphalt surfaces. Good grip both on asphalt and gravel. Cons: Could be better when bumping into curbs, but this is not a real con, only wishful thinking after being spoiled by bump amortisation performance of the Schwalbe Big Apple, which is the only tire out of the tested ones that is better in this regard. This tire has quite pronounced grip and therefore two slick tires have a little bit lower rolling resistance. 5. Chao Yang H-5167 Medium soft tire with added puncture protection layer. Very complex and relatively pronounced tread. Pros: This tire forced me to rethink the score table. I expected something quite similar to Chao Yang H-5146 just with added puncture protection, and although these two tires share many good characteristics, this is in some aspects entirely different beast. In one word – SPEED – this thing rolls like crazy, I was actually convinced that my V5F+ somehow restored to the lower speed limit after the tire change because I have never before reached 25km/h speed limit and tiltback so easily. And the best thing is that it manages to maintain almost all of that wonderful control and stability that H-5146 exhibits. Great handling of anomalies on the road, good impact absorption when bumping into curbs, not bumpy while jumping… and on top all of that it has additional puncture protection layer. Cons: Slightly less (5-10%) controllable than H-5146, probably due to crazy good rolling resistance 6. CST E-Bike Pro If I am not mistaken, this is the tire that usually comes with Kingsong and Gotway wheels (although I can't say how it behaves in sizes other than 14 inch !). Medium soft rubber, pronounced tread. I just had to test at least one more CST tire to have something from another serious manufacturer as a reference to compare to the two Chao-Yang’s. This tire is made of different rubber compound, it’s not super soft but it sticks like crazy, reminds me of the winter car tires. It is also the only one of the tested tires that screeches on the glossy surfaces like marble tiles and those surfaces in shopping mall garages. Pros: Good rolling resistance, great grip on asphalt and good on gravel, fabulous handling of curbs and jumps (very close to Schwalbe Big Abble, and that is a balloon tire -could be that rubber compound?) Cons: Slightly sharper fall-off from the center of the tread to the sides – not nearly as unusable like on the CST Rhino King, but you can still feel it, especially when compared to the Chao-Yang’s. This makes it bit less controllable and sometimes “jerky”. Although it has good grip on the gravel, you have to work more due to that fall-off to keep it under control when wheel bumps around on the uneven surface. I am probably just spoiled by Chao-Yangs by now… VISUAL COMPARISON: SCORE: Tire brand / type Hota Tyre CST Rhino King Schwalbe Big Apple Chao Yang H-5146 Chao Yang H-5167 CST E-Bike Pro Size 14x2.125 14x2.125 14x2.00 14x2.125 14x2.125 14x2.125 Ride Comfort 8 8 10 10 10 10 Control 10 2 9 10 9 7 Grip Asphalt 10 8 8 10 10 10 Grip Gravel 4 8 6 8 8 8 Impact absorption 5 8 10 9 9 10 Directional stability 2 10 8 10 10 10 Temperature stability 4 10 10 10 10 10 Rolling resistance 9 8 10 8 10 9 TOTAL: 52 62 71 75 76 74 I am not expert on tires and all of the above are only my personal impressions and conclusions after using these tires on my EUC. All of the tires are tested on the same Inmotion V5F+ and with the same inner tube (Tube brand is Chao Yang). I tried each of the tires for at least 80km. CONCLUSION: Chao-Yang H-5167 is the tire that stays on my wheel. It’s simply best overall and checks practically all important “boxes”. H-5146 would be best beginners tire, it’s so controllable, relaxed and forgiving. Both CST tires have great rubber compound, but the tread has this pronounced center section and then somewhat steep fall-off, which results in less smooth experience and requires more work to control the wheel.
  3. THE MONSTER IS HERE pls watch my video https://youtu.be/ZfOBqGAOy1Q
  4. KingSong 18 is a quality product , it makes me feel safe. This evening I wen't from home to the top of Isaberg , Hestra Sweden and back to home base , it is much more comfortable and stable than other brands , I think you get what you pay for , if you want the best... I updated to firmware 1.20 Before this journey and I'm happy with it. The stepest part near the top of the mountain is maybe 30 degrees asphalt road and my weight is 107 kg , the whole mountain is 308 meters above sea level , KingSong 18 brought me up to the top and down with high speed and good music , interesting is that battery level was still full back home , it seems like it is charging going downhill. 1 bicyclist stopped me and wanted to know what it is and some tourists screemed that they want to hear the music , I can't recommend other brands cheap products , they have to weak motor and battery pack for driving safe and the tilt function makes you feel unsafe , KingSong 18 let you be in control instead , much better. It is quiet , looks great and the only model I know of where you can sit and ride which I have not tried yet. With the big wheel I also go on dirt roads with potholes , no problem at all. 40 psi seems to be the right tyre pressure for my weight With 1360 battery pack I can go 110 km on 1 charge The app works flawless. I'm thinking of a light weight solar panel 200w on one wheel connected behind you , it might be possible to go long distance adventure travel , also an anti theft solution with sim card , gps mounted inside My model: KingSong 18A , 1360 wh battery pack. We are 2 proud owners now in Hestra and this will be fun May your days be sunny and with high speed & great musict at Update: Never ever use any onewheel at max speed , i would recommend to use all 4 warnings , the first 3 set to 30 kmh and last one ollie Speed set to 35 kmh it's not uphill or downhill that is dangerous it is when you reach speed limit and it cant control level anymore and you will experience a faceplant listen to the warnings and slow down instead of pushing it harder... i have bought a transparent soft vinyl cover to put on top if I go in heavy rain this also for safety reasons and a bicycle back mirror made for any bicycle helmet Bjorn Is our planet dying ? , will EUC help saving our planet ? is euc fun ? is euc something new ? , answer is yes , yes , yes , yes EUC is an excellent alternative to cars SUVs , it will give us cleaner air , better health and stop global warming If you for some unknown reason don't like it or are to afraid to learn then buy an electric bicycle or 3 ton SUV , Vaz Lada Honec car 1800cc Be my world The Prophet
  5. I tried my new King Song KS-18s 1640Wh and decided to make a video of its cruising speed. I'm 6.2 feet tall and 210 pounds. So far, it's very stable, reliable, fun etc. Link for the video is below:
  6. I purchased an app for my IPhone 7 that is a 3 channel vibration spectrum analyzer. It uses the internal accelerometer and gyroscope of the phone to analyze vibratory and rotational motions. You simply place the IPhone so it is firmly attached to the object you want to analyze, hit the sample button and the vibratory readings begin. I only used one channel to measure the vertical (+Y) coordinates during my initial test run. I attached the phone to both my Luffy and ACM 1600 using Velcro but a more stable mounting platform is in the works. Below are 2 sample graphs depicting what data can be produced when using all 3 channels of the app. So I went for a little ride on the ACM and Luffy around a bumpy piece of property next to my facility to see if I could obtain any quantifiable data. The data may be skewed a bit due to the Velcro method I used to attach the phone to both wheels but it was a fun experiment and only cost $4.99. Below are 2 more graphs depicting the Y coordinate data I obtained from each ride. Combining X, Y and Z data will be performed in future tests. You can see the very small vibration levels at the beginning and end of each graph ( Luffy had an issue) representing the smooth parking lot where I entered and exited the course. Unfortunately Luffy could not make it over the parking lot bump ( also might be my skill level) at the end of the course and I fell off which created an interesting peak. In the middle of the graph there is a good representation of the various bumps I encountered throughout the simple course. Now for a good laugh!
  7. Hi. This is my third euc and my first quick review. After a couple of mounts and 669,9 km. think I can show how is riding this euc and gonna try in English, not my native language, pls forgive my bad grammar. The incorrect information from inmotionIberia of max speed and range where it says 40 km/h and 40km but may say 25 km/h and 30km piss me off. But the price was ok for me (700€) I don't want the refound offered and decided to keep it. The advantage of that euc are many, good looking design, useful handle and lift swich. Bright front light, back light blinks when brake. Very comfortable due his curved shapes and hi padded sides. Hi pedals position are damn good for off road. Impressive torque, good autonomy and content weight. Need to improve the pedals and trolley quality, those get loose or comes with it from fabric (trolley). The inmotion app is full of busg. The battery position on top rise the gravity center and makes really hard for boomerang or coin flip tricks. The body shell are quite slim, that not help to keep it straight in hi speed pushing with the legs. They haven't grip at all to pull it up in jumps, foots slide unless you put the extra pads who inmotion gives in for ankles protection. I think is really good for cross due his hi pass pedals and big torque. Not to heavy to do tricks, and enough hard to not break if you don't do it well (unless the trolley bar and the pedals). Sorry but I can't compare it against other in his league, I only have other cheap "oneWheel" Who can't be compared. I want to make an extensive review with my top range, hi slope climb, max turning inclination, better pedal angle and more. Please, make your questions and comments, would be nice gather a great data base for all euc together
  8. Woah, per below vid, Gotway Luffy lift test tops out at 47km/h. 2nd alarm = 25km/h 3rd alarm = ~35km/h (0 load; not sure under actual load) Gotway Luffy Lift Test Vid (source)
  9. Hey Folks, i want to report about a very nice test done with my KS18, but First Things First: This test is a KS18 1200Watt 1360wh, produced March/2016, imported from China...The wheel has its Flaws!!! Important: It is from one of the first 1200W Batches, where there have been some highspeed fall reports. Also Important:This special KS18 DOES NOT Represent the current state or Quality of the KS18's!!! I have been compensated long ago by the chinese seller/KS, from my side everything is OK with the wheel as -and as stated often before- i am totally fine with a usage at about 30kmh!!! So: It would be a pleasure if we can keep the discussion in this thread on the treadmill test itself, and not on this partly not so good wheel! thanx :-) Now the main Thing As (THIS) KS18 only had a "lift off max speed" of about 43kmh...(and not 48-49kmh like nowadays KS18) i was always eager to know what it would be able to deliver under load, with my 90-100kg on it. In the latest Video's of german seller "electro-sport.de", YouTube Channel Name "great 850", in Person named Ferenc, i stumbled over his latest DIY tool to test wheels in a more real life Scenario, without putting his Drivers to a risk: He has build a "EUC-Treadmill" where you can set a specific load, concrete slabs, to the EUC, and where the treadmill is also connected to a Generator/lightmashine to set up a specific resistance! (street-wind-resistance) After a nice conversation he made me an really good offer to test my wheel on his treadmill and record the outcome of this test on Video!!! How could i resist that?!?! A few days later i send my KS18 to Ferenc, and actually on the same day he recieved the wheel he started his tests :-) A small part of this tests you can see here, as Ferenc has put some of it on his Youtube Channel, with my approval: But thats not all he has recorded! As i got my wheel back by post, i got a complete DVD of the testing series! Really great Job! In our latest communication he also revealed that in a second or later expansion of the testplant he will go for simulating bumps and pottholes by giving force to the attached Generator. I am writing this thread, as i think Ferenc really deserves some Applause for the things he is doing for the community and for Electric unicycling! Also i believe, that i am for sure not the only (EUC)Freak, who is interested in the behaviour of his wheel on extreme situations? Or? Am i? If someone else is interested in testing his machine on some specific things on this testplant....feel free to contact Ferenc, you will find his contacts on his Website electro-Sport.de As you can think, that Service can not be for free, as he is investing some hours in the testprocess alone, charging etc etc.... not to say in carrying your wheel around to the post Office..... but i have to say -for me- it was worth every penny i spent!!!
  10. Does anyone have any thoughts about what kind of material/manoeuvres could be included in a very basic EUC practical test to demonstrate basic rider competency? I was having a look at: https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/cycling/cycling-in-london/cycle-skills and I understand Project 42 occasionally run "Academy" days in London. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love started a thread on a basic theory test: In the future, if riders are able to demonstrate a basic set of skills/competencies (by completing some kind of certified course) then it may facilitate acceptance of EUCs by the insurance industry*? * In the UK, the main barrier to this is the legal situation. Maybe the community could come up with a half day programme that could be easily adapted to run anywhere in the world (with a set of cones in a park/basketball court)?
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