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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am a 38 year old Army veteran, new to riding EUC and have a solowheel that I have been trying to learn. I've been trying to ride it for about a week now. I usually go to Patterson Park, and try to find an area with less people to notice me crashing. I have tried the tennis courts, but am not able to keep turning for very long in that caged in area. I have tried a basketball court, which is better. I have tried going down a hill and into the grass by the baseball field, which usually gets me a pretty good distance (probably 100 feet) before I crash it. I think the grass is bumpy though and it does make things more difficult. I wear lots of protective gear and have crashed countless times. Usually, I find a post or something to help me stand on it and then can go for a little while. There have been a couple times when I have been able to get going without holding onto anything, just pushing off of one foot. This often results in an even faster crash, though. I am able to travel sometimes 50 feet, sometimes 100 feet, and often much less. Sometimes I can go farther if I can find a straight area. I don't really feel safe or in control, but am continuously working to keep it going as long as I can. I know how to slow down, but am not very good at it, especially when my wheel starts to tilt and I am unable to recover. When the wheel starts tilting, I wish I could just slow down and step off, but usually this ends with me jumping off and the wheel slamming and scratching against the pavement. I have even had times where the wheel slammed into the pavement, hopped up into the air and did a few flips, and then slammed a second time while rolling over itself repeatedly. I have watched many videos and understand that sometimes you need to twist, sometimes you can bend a leg to turn, sometimes can just point your body in a direction. I am just not good at it. My wheel is pretty scratched up from all the crashes, even with the protective cover (which I have now duct-taped together because it is ripping at the seams from all the abuse). I am pretty sore from trying to ride this thing, but I do try to give it 30 minutes to an hour when I can. I am pretty sure that if I keep going like this, my wheel is no longer going to be functional. I am looking for anyone in the Baltimore area who would be willing to meet me in person to give me a few pointers before I destroy this wheel.
  2. Hello. Does anyone practice emergency stopping/braking? What are some techniques you use? I dig my heels like its a snowboard and lean back. I can stop within two sidewalk squares from 8 mph on a 9b S1. Are there any concerns about damaging the wheel by braking as hard as you can? I would hate to turn myself into a battering ram by pushing to hard.
  3. Im looking into purchasing my first wheel i've narrow it down to the kingsong or one of these 2 IPS, is this site the resellers of IPS? if not , where can i purchase the IPS zero? my daily use of the wheel would probably only consist of getting around on campus and a very small amount of side walks. http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-i130-30km-h-130wh-electric-unicycle.html http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/ips-zero-14-inch-30km-h-260wh-electric-unicycle.html thanks
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