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Found 9 results

  1. Hey Wheelers, I create this post to talk about stands for our wheel, because I understand its not that easy to get one even though i know of one or two companies or individuals that makes them,,, and the problem i've notice is that they are not always available in every country. I'm from Montreal Canada and there is no shipment in my country from EUC Army to get one so I had to improvise. I found an ajustable bike stand that does the job and I will post a pic of it. Please feel free to throw in your idea of a stand.
  2. Easy to install without tools. Large fender will gaurd your back from tire spray and has a built in parking stand. Fits MSX/MSP. $45 FIRM US shipping included
  3. I got around to printing a hand full of mten stands. Mostly because I was bored and just didnt have anything much else to print. I couldnt help myself and kept printing until I realized it was getting a 'little' out of hand. So, before I toss these up on sleezebay and try to sell them, I'll offer them up to anyone here that's interested. I'll even toss in a couple rev2 charge cover caps too. There's no brand or initials printed into the stands, no need to pay me AND advertise for me both! These stands weight around 1/2 pound (250gr),take about 12 hours to print, and are one solid piece. The design came from someone else but i modified it and it was already under community commons rights. Hell, maybe that means I need be sued? Regardless, I'm not trying to get rich off these, but I'll need sell/rid of them unless I decide to just start using them for some other random idea. These fit the mten ONLY, as far as I know. They hold at the hangers where its still possible to stand on the pedals. The stand does NOT rest on any of the wheel's plastic. The size is narrow enough the wheel cant fall between, but its still easy to settle onto the stand. It took a few revisions to get it just right. They are printed VERY strongly and I can stand up on the mten on the stand and jump like an idiot(im 130lbs). I've also stood on the mten on the stand and leaned over until I tumbled to the ground. Yes, the stand can take it. The mten pushes over before the stand does fwiw. Overkill...definitely. Could you just use a block of wood.. of course! I figure these should go for around $25+ shipping. If anyone is interested, just give me a shout and we can work something out. I have TONS of colors, so I could make one to order if requested. The made to order multicolor stands may have to be a few $$ more, as its a bit more effort and time consuming to make them. I can also print a much larger version that fits the ks18, but that stand takes nearly $30 in filament (I use quality kodak filaments primarily) and 24hrs. Yes, you can stand on it too. I even made one for my sherman and it holds with me standing on it, tho I wont offer one up as the fit is shit and its too costly to keep retrying. Stands are made of Pla+ or Petg. Petg is a more durable material, less likely to soften under heat and has more flex. If you planned on leaving the stand on black asphalt in the direct sunshine, petg is your answer. Pla+ is corn based and also durable enough to take you standing on them. Anyhow, let me know if you are interested. Let me know if this post is in the wrong place. Hell, let me know if you think I'm nuttier than a fruitcake. Apologies I only have 2 wheel versions, as I only have my own wheels to verify them. Im ocd, and 'close enough', aint!
  4. I've come across the following images on Facebook groups/pages And i believe that this upside pot is the best EUC stand ever
  5. Hi guys, I have modelled in 3D a STAND for my KingSong KS-14D EUC that can be fabricated with a 3D printer. You can find and free download all files (STP, STL) and pictures from my account on GRABCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/kingsong-ks-14d-electric-unicycle-stand-1 If your printer is not big enough consider printing it in 2 or 4 pieces that you glue together afterwards. I have created as well a support/fixture for the battery charger. This allows for a better cooling of the charger and avoid overheating (I smoked one after the first 5 charging cycles...) and can be used as well to fasten the charger on the wall if needed. You can find and free download all files (STP, STL) and pictures on my account on GRABCAD: https://grabcad.com/library/kingsong-ks-14d-battery-charger-stand-fixation-1 Ciao, Roberto
  6. Just in time for the Los Angeles EUC Games (2019), Roll.nz would like to introduce the EUC Superstand! The ONLY EUC stand that you will ever need, as it is designed for EVERY EUC! While it's great to be able to 3D print your own EUC stand, the newer / heavier wheels really aren't stable on them, so we threw this into the Roll.nz R&D Lab to see what we could do about that. And the result is the Roll.nz Superstand (pictures below); Able to take the weight of the heaviest EUC. Designed for EUC with pedals closed or open. Tiered widths to ensure a solid fit for every hanger / pedal length. Adjustable width for every width... 2.125", 2.5", 3" and 4+" tyres. The EUC Superstand will be debuted at the LA EUC Games 2019, with a unique competition stand being presented as one of the prizes. In addition there will be a very limited number of superstands available for purchase at the event! And for those that can't attend, let us know if you are interested in getting one of your own, so we can stock up for sales from our website. Shown above with a KS-16X. And by itself.
  7. Some of the mods I've done. Stickers to cover all the scratches ? A front bumper/stand (3mm aluminium flatbar, bend to shape, double sided tape to hold it on) Larger foot pads/plates/pedals (remove skid pads, remove top plate, 5 screws, screw on 4mm aluminium plate cut to fit and drilled for existing screw holes, add skateboard deck tape). Should make longer trips easier on my feet. Heaps of grip. Folds as original, and I've had no pedal strikes in testing so far. I used the original plates as template for the holes and slot. Used longer screws (10mm). 600km's on the wheel so far, and loving it. What have you done to yours?
  8. It seems that there was no appropriate place for homebrew stuff, so I figured that this would be the appropriate place, as it's InMotion specific. I was working on one of my other projects, when I figured it would be a great time to go off on a tangent, and design a suitable stand for my V10F. This is the end result: I finished the setup with a section of carpet tile under the base. If you need a relatively low friction surface, and don't want to scar up your smooth floors, this seems to be the most appropriate option. On a side note... If the footpads for the V5/V8 are in roughly the same location, it may work for those models as well. I'm also working on another nifty little accessory that may be useful in the future, too.
  9. I made this stand to protect and store my wheel in my work van. It is made out of 3/4” plywood and covered with speaker box or gun safe cloth. The back of the van has a large storage rack with slide out shelves but the side door has a small open area that I can store the wheel in. I have it bolted to the front of the storage rack. It kinda looks funny in the pictures because the front is slanted back 3” and your eyes try to make it square. It makes it look like the wheel is leaning forward when it is level.
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