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Found 2 results

  1. This is just a quick note to tell you all how DEEPLY IN LOVE I AM WITH MY V8 My girlfriend may be intensely jealous, but my true love (the V8) and I don't care. Coming up on a year of romance and close to 1000km traveled with no wipe outs or problems of any kind, she has never let me down. Rock-Solid. Non stop fun. My V8 and I still love spending time together: we both enjoy long rides through the park, quick shopping trips downtown, brunch dates with friends, I hold it's handle while we watch the sunset at the beach, etc etc.. It's all very sweet. The heart wants want the heart wants: and I'm here to tell you it wants a V8. Your heart probably wants one too, you just won't realize it until you own one. It's like having a dog, or a child - you just can't even imagine the intense life-long bond that will form, until it happens to you. Such a beautiful, elegant, brilliant little vehicle. Suddenly your world is brighter and you realize how incredibly slow and boring walking is. Why walk when you could fly!? How can I convey to all the non-V8 owners what they are missing? It's just perfect: the perfect weight, the perfect speed, the perfect range, the perfect price. With a V8 it becomes all about the journey rather then the destination; you'll find yourself taking the long way home. I wish I was poetic, I'd totally write my V8 a poem.... sigh... Babies should be assigned a V8 at birth - it is an absolute tragedy that most people will never discover joy that a V8 can bring. Walking is stupid - get a V8™
  2. Hey All, I have recently made my first EUC purchase of a Solowheel Glide 3 (a week old from Newegg). After some bumps and bruises learning how to ride (both me and the EUC), I feel like I'm getting the hang of it and I'm very happy with my wheel. Unfortunately, a couple of things started happening the past 2 days. For some reason, it seems like powering on the wheel is a bit inconsistent. Sometimes I can short press the power button and it will work, sometimes I have to long press the button and it will work, and sometimes short pressing the button several times will result in the battery icon flickering for a second and then eventually powering on after a couple more tries. My second issue started happening at the same time. I can make changes on the Inmotion App like max speed, pedal horizontal tile, volume and that works fine until I power off the machine. As soon as the bluetooth disconnects from the wheel, the settings are gone the next time I power it on and it appears as though everything is back to factory defaults. I don't believe this was happening when I first got the wheel, but I wasn't making many changes at that time. I plan to contact Inmotion support, but wanted to know if anyone had anything for me to try. I'm pretty comfortable with electronics and up until now, I have tried removing the side casing and disconnected the two cables I found, hoping removing the battery for a bit would reset everything and solve my issues. I look forward to being a part of this community!
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