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Found 10 results

  1. tudordewolf

    Snow Chains!

    I discovered a company called Slipnottraction that made snow chains for bike tires. I emailed them, asking if they'd make me a single in an unusual size. Thus: Caveats: barely clears the body, especially right around where the tire "enters" and "exits" the shell. Excuse the damaged handle, you can see the replacement i've attached; I haven't gotten around to cutting the old one completely off yet.
  2. Moved to Ontario, Canada in January. There was snow on trails/paths/roads half of time in the long winter. I have been using my GW MCM4 going to work daily. It work fine with less than a couple of inches of snow. It's more difficult to ride when the snow level reaches to the pedals. One of the other problems is that a quite bit of snow accumulates in the wheel and as much as half of a liter dirty water would come out in warm rooms. I am thinking to upgrade the MCM4 with one running faster AND handling better in deeper snow (in the next season). Thank you for any suggestion.
  3. http://www.ochevidets.ru/rolik/99551/ It's kind of funny looking at other people, when they see me rolling on snow and ice. Older people usually just stop and look at me in disbelief, probably thinking something like "WTF is going on?". Younger folks sometimes mention something like "He surely must have snow chains". Children with parents just start shouting "I want it too, I want it too !"
  4. I invented a new kind of winter mask. It is smooth, clear mask with no holes for the eyes and nose, but with the handle from below, which would keep it as a carnival mask during the ride. Material Plastic - the thickness of 1-1.5 mm. Ideally 1.5mm. because when you carry on the mask will be a lot of pressure. Thickness affects the weight. It is essential. The mask should be light. Shape mask should be possible to protect the head from the wind and still be comfortable to carry because the mask is large (not a purse). This mask is necessary for comfortable movement on the mono-wheel in the cold season. - It is more convenient than the motorcycle helmet - size, ease and visibility. - It is more convenient than the ski mask - visibility, greater protection from wind, ease of carrying. - It is more convenient than a balaclava - comfort and freedom at the turn of the head. Much greater protection from wind and snow. And it is needed only for a mono-wheel, because only when you go on the wheel arms are free and you can keep the mask in hands, and in the winter season (at the most snow and ice). All other modes of transport take arms. I built something that should be similar to the one from scrap materials. However, the handle should be fully transparent. And on the mask would be desirable to have more neodymium magnet that would mask stuck to the jacket. And the top of the holes should not be. The handle should be curved outward, not inward mask - so easier to hold. The handle should be shorter.
  5. KingSong wintertire after an idea from EUC Extreme & Stefan Eekenulv , and I did it my may
  6. Hi, I have just gotten my KS18A. I have learned how to drive it and now I would like to start using it for my main transportation device to work. It is February and I live in Finland so the streets are filled with melting snow. Basically I would be driving on a 14km long puddle to work. How waterproof is King Song 18" A 800w 680wh? Can I trust that it wont short circuit or something when i use it in these conditions? How can I better my devices waterproofing (please share your tips)? Thank you community for all your help!
  7. SEGBOARD in the SNOW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muRfuxel_TA
  8. Hi all EUC fans! I do not know if you are aware of this, but the EUC is VERY close to the MonoSki -- the same stance and muscles are used! AND in fact I think the EUC community can learn from the MonoSki...because we have been around since 1980! I am an avid monoskier with lots of experience in MonoSki and I am currently riding a NB!E+ but will probably change to (or rather add) GWMsuper when the new model is outthis video is from our monoski trips:http://www.freeride.se/video/20041/ a simple tutorial for Monoski (works for carving on EUC as well!) http://monoskisweden.blogspot.se/search/label/tutorial and some inspirational stuff from a french MonoSkier in Chamonix
  9. Hey Folks, I have a couple questions: -Are King Song units waterproof enough for use in the rain? I see that some of the gaps appear to be sealed with foam around the control board in disassembly photos----I was wondering if the same goes for the battery compartment. -How easy is it to get replacement parts for these units? Especially new batteries after the first one starts to degrade with use? Thanks, -Jacques
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