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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys as the season for riding is about to kick-off time to show your devices some love so you don't do the walk of shame anytime soon due to a puncture lol Protect yourself from flats with the most extraordinary tire sealant you can buy. Made to our extreme specification, this is the product m 5um8ade for those riders who know they're going to put it to the test, but it's also ideal for those riders who>55m)5<simply never want to deal with the headache of a flat tyre and want the best in reliability and performance. Whether you ride e-bikes, electric scooters, electric unicycles, or onewheel this product is for you. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CbX4bPejXLI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Look at this on eBay [https://www.ebay.co.uk/.../Armor-Dilloz.../185046256126...](https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Armor-Dilloz-Cycle-Bike-Bicycle-e-bike-MTB-Puncture-Repair-Tyre-Tire-Sealant-/185046256126?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0) Awesome product. made by members of the community for the community. Ride Safe, Stay Safe People
  2. Moderator notice: Splitting the conversation from the KS S18 thread: I am surprised that we haven't gone tubeless yet (except for Z10) ... surely that should have become the norm before suspension became a thing? So many advantages to tubeless...
  3. Hello there! I've found hundreds of topics teaching how to slime a Z10 but I got a puncture on my S2 and I was wondering if I could fix it by putting some slime. I've tried doing it before but I had a hard time removing the core of the valve. Can anyone give me some light? Thanks!
  4. I have the tyre on my 16S inflated to around 38psi. Unfortunately over a 2 week period it will slowly deflate to around 25psi. Usually I only notice it's low just as I need to get somewhere in a rush. There isn't any obvious leak. I tried using inner tube sealant and it seems to have lessened the problem a bit but it hasn't really stopped the air from gradually leaking. Is there anything I can do?
  5. Where the rubber meets the road, it seems, doesn't get enough love here. So I thought I'd start a thread to share opinions about tire pressure, maintenance, etc. (starting with some of my opinions). I find tire pressure to be one of the most important components of handling and ride, and I'm a bit obsessive about it on my EUC's (probably carrying over from motorcycles and bikes). There are three things that make tire pressure a challenge with EUC's: EUC's only have one tire, low pressure has a direct impact on ride, and tire failures are unforgiving EUC's have unique bent valve stems that make it hard to find inner-tubes, and a pain to fill (you just don't want to do it) EUC tire pressure is a bother to check compared to any other vehicle, because the valve stems are hidden in the EUC cavity, and difficult to attach to a pump ... and there are probably other things. The net result is that you want to maintain the tire, fill to pressure and forget it. To that end, I've Slimed (https://www.amazon.com/Slime-10056-Tube-Sealant-oz/dp/B003V9XYNW/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1487706156&sr=8-2&keywords=slime+bicycle) both my V8 and Zero. I used about 1/3rd of the bottle on each one. There is no effect whatsoever on the feel of the wheel, and I think it provides a certain security. In Chicago, I can take my bike into any number of convenient shops to buy and install a new inner-tube; but the same shops would just draw a blank with an EUC, and the inner-tubes are hard to find. Best to maintain what you have. I like to keep my tire pressure up at 3 bar (~44 psi). The sidewalls of my V8 and Zero tires both recommend 40-65psi pressure, and the V8 comes from the factory at 2.8 bar (~40psi). So for me 3 bar seems the right pressure, and both wheels feel good at that pressure. It's a real bother to fit a pressure gauge on the valve stem because they are bent against the wheel. I almost never get a seal on my gauge without several tries. So instead, I pumped the wheels up with my Lezyne pump (https://www.amazon.com/Lezyne-Steel-Floor-Drive-Black/dp/B005UND3CY/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1487706504&sr=8-3&keywords=lezyne+pump) -- I recommend Lesyzne as the absolute best bike pump on the market -- and then put a Gozens 44psi cap (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HRIKIY0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1) on the wheel. That way, I can easily check the pressure at the start of each ride. You do need to buy the Gozens at a particular pressure (BTW, they have bluetooth systems, which I think are a bit of overkill) but you get 4 of the basic caps for $9, so NBD.
  6. I have a EUC named "Gotway MCM4 HS 680Kwh" since 2016 May. And I rolled it around more than 15,000km so far, running rainy or snowy every day: the tire totally worn-out. Slime did the job, making none of flats so far. 2016 around June I added Slime the sealant to ward off possible contingency of flats: : during 3 years it stayed in the bottle. And today I've paid $74.71 for the replacement of tire and tube both in S. Korea: the service wasn't good. wobbly due to wrong installation.(I had to fix it myself.) I found Slime left-over in the used bottle. It is still between gel and liquid, not fully liquid. ( I can not recall the original phase of Slime in the bottle. If anybody know this, please let me know.) When I shake the bottle, the bulk half-liquid half-gel moves around in the bottle. Can I use it again for the brand new tire and tube? Could you advise me? Thanks in advance, Friends!
  7. Hi there I saw a video of Marty, and he was talking about how when you have a nail on your tire, then the slime won’t work, well I was thinking of adding some tire liners just because of that, so nails won’t be able to get get in, just because it’s so hard, and it protects, how are you guys see the use of tire liners together with slimes on the same tire, that would be a killer combination what you guys think? I think o my the slime, won’t work if you have something indie your tire, it can only patch if there is just a hole in it, and that’s where the tire liners come in... please give me your honest opinion guys
  8. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I went to Walmart to buy that green slime but found 2 variants for tire and tube. Both looked same. Do inmotion V5F+ has tube at all? I can't scratch my head anymore!
  9. So my mten3 inner tube got a puncture last week on the way into work. I was able to ride to work but it went completely flat by the afternoon (which is when I realized I got a flat). I filled the tube back up with a hand pump, god help me that took like 300 pumps to get it filled, I will get a foot pump next time. I could barely hear a very muffled hiss and it took over 30 minutes to deflate. This made me think that the hole was a pin price and not a gash. I tried to lever the mten3 tire off but broke 2 of the 3 plastic tire levers. I was hoping I could just do a rubber cement round patch, but the tire was not cooperating in this cold weather. I bit the bullet and bought 16oz of dirtbike innertube Slime. They were not kidding that it was a mess to use. I overshot the fill a bit and I think used 6/7oz instead of the recommended 4oz. It sealed the tube up immediately, no more hiss sound. I filled the tube back up to 45psi and it has been holding steady for 2 days. The Onewheel guys put slime into their tires from the factory and it's given that product a greater amount of tire reliability. The mten3 tire is ridiculously thin, I can't imagine how that innertube won't inevitably pop. Slime should help, or add an hard innertube protector against thorns, or convert to tubeless and use slime again. A small bottle of innertube slime (get the innertube one if you have an innertube, it is thinner and meant for a different pressure) is around $4 on Amazon, get one because you will need it eventually.
  10. Bought my first electric unicycle - Ninebot One C+ (£400). It arrived on Monday The tyres arrived at a low pressure but perfectly ride-able. I'd done some reading on this forum in advance and it suggested that learning to ride on less inflated tyres would be easier. Potentially true, but it turns out that does NOT outweigh the risks... (Read on) I went out and obsessively practised for about an hour. By the end of that, I was able to stand and go in a straight line for about 50m. But my unicycle was making a thumping noise like it had a flat tyre... Went back to check it and the valve had gone INTO the tyre and got VERY stuck. Impossible to pull back out with my hands or any tool I have. Went to a couple of bike shops - no one was really interested and no one wanted to help sadly. After a lot of searching I decided the best option was to invest in some tyre levers and hex keys, open up the ninebot and try to fix it myself. SUCCESS. I opened it and found the inner tube was completely mangled into a small part of the tyre, and when I got the tyre off, the valve came loose. I untangled the inner tube and pumped it a bit to restore its shape, before putting it back into the tyre and putting the tyre back on. Wahay. Super excited to be able to get on it again... I pumped up the tyre to about 40 PSI and started the long job of closing the Ninebot up again. (Total time to open, fix and close up again: about 2 hrs - I am inexperienced...) Once finally closed, I give the wheel a squeeze. Crud. It's completely flat. The inner tube isn't holding any air. Great. So two options: buy some tyre patches (and open it all up again to apply them), or get some 'slime'. Slime has a lot of good press on here and I thought I could apply it without opening up the ninebot again, so I went and ordered it off Amazon... Just my luck the package never arrives but shows as delivered. No card left and nothing with neighbours. Not giving up, I call around every bike shop near me, find one that stocks slime, go and purchase it. Return to ninebot with slime. Very excited. Ready to put slime in but can't get the bloody valve core out of the valve. Spent an hour trying to do that. Eventually decided I'm going to have to start dismantling it again to get sufficient access to the valve. Start opening it up and about halfway through taking stuff off the valve is accessible enough to remove the core. SUCCESS. Plug in the slime, fill it with slime. Follow the instructions perfectly. Put the valve core back in and pump it up. ...... HSSSSSSSS The slime didn't bloody work. Add more slime and repeat. Still doesn't hold air. Re-pump 3 times and spin the wheel loads just in case slime hadn't spread around enough. Still doesn't hold air. Sooooo it's 3 days after my ninebot arrived, 3 long days and nights trying to fix it, and I still can't bloody use the thing. --- I don't blame anyone but myself really because I should pumped it before riding it or stopped riding much sooner to pump it up. But thought I'd share my experience because it was stories like this that helped me to make the purchase decision and to at least make progress towards repairing it in the first place. So..... does anyone have any spare Ninebot One 16" inner tubes and/or tyres in the UK that I could purchase to try and get this thing working again ASAP? Thanks!
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