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Found 4 results

  1. A number of people have purchased the Flexmeter wrist guards by Demon recently and I wanted to ask about how they fit your wrist/hand. I'm a tall skinny person making finding anything that fits a real PITA. I used the size guide on the Demon website and guess what, I'm 19cm, which put me on the border of medium and large. I ordered the mediums as I have very thin wrists and medium is suggested by Demon for teens and adults with thinner wrists. They arrived yesterday and the fit feels OK but according the this retailer website proper fit is determined by the "flex zone" being over the wrist pivot (makes sense) and the guard not extending further than the knuckles. "Check the Fit When you receive your Flexmeter Wrist Guards, put them on and tighten the straps, then check to see that the “Flex Zone” of the wrist guard lines up with the part of your wrist that bends upward. And check that the top of the wrist guard near your knuckles does not extend past your knuckles, or it will be uncomfortable when you fall." When I tried the medium size on I felt that the "flex zone" was actually ahead of my wrist pivot (closer to my fingers) but the guard probably shouldn't be longer as it would extend beyond the knuckle. The "flex zone" still moves when I pull my wrist back but maybe not as well as it should. These are expensive guards so I want to get the best protection from them I can. I've now ordered some a set of large to try (arrives Friday) but I wanted to ask existing owners where the "flex zone" sat in relation to their wrist pivot. Same for extension over the knuckles. Trying these on is hard as the damn things are plastic tied to the cardboard packaging. I'll post pictures Friday evening when I have both sizes available.
  2. I'm looking to purchase my first EUC and have a few questions on wheel size. I've ridden a friend's EUC a few times and think I'm ready to commit. Right now I have it narrowed down between the Kingsong 18XL and the Kingsong 16X. This is based on the following criteria in no particular order: Range of at least 30mi/50km Comfortable for 10-15mi commute (each way) Able to fit on a bus if the weather is bad (there is usually plenty of space available on the buses where I am, so it could share the seat next to me if necessary) Hill climbing (I live in the mountains so I need some torque to get up/down the hills) Off-road capable (I'd like to take this on some nearby trails that include some tree roots, bumps, drops, gravel, loose dirt, etc) Reliable (I've heard to stay away from the first few batches of a wheel while the kinks are worked out) Speed of at least 20mph/33kph From what I've gathered on my searches: Small wheels are best for: Hill climbs (smaller wheels have more torque since they require less energy to move one full rotation) Agility (less mass/inertia) Large wheels are best for: Commuting (the larger the wheel, the larger the bumps it can "ignore" or not feel) Long rides (larger surface area on the pavement feels "smoother") Gravel/Off-road bumpy terrain (aforementioned reasons ^^) Sorry for the long read, but here are my questions. How big of a difference in comfort is between an 18" and 16" wheels when commuting/off-roading, and how much of a torque difference between the two? Will the 16" be a noticeably better hill climber than the 18", or overheat as easily as the 18xl as @Marty Backe has shown in his videos? How much should I be worried about first/second batch issues with the 16X? TLDR; I want a wheel for commuting and off-road with good range and torque. What are the pro's/con's of a 16" over an 18" and how big of a difference between the two? Thanks in advance for the help and insights!
  3. I'm considering to buy the G-form Elite knee & elbow protectors, but need help to pick the correct size. They have size chart which gives the sizes I've listed below. I've also read some reviews and comments that going one size up can be good too. I don't want it to be to tight, but at the same time I don't want it to slide up/down. I'm going to use them while riding EUC and not while biking (so most of the cases standing with knees bent a little bit). I'm ordering them online so I can't pre-try them, and returning can be difficult if I pick wrong. Anyone who could pitch in on which size I should pick? Knee: - Sitting: Thigh 44cm, Calf 39cm Size based on Thigh = L Size based on Calf = L - Standing: Thigh 48cm, Calf 38cm Size based on Thigh = XL Size based on Calf = L Elbow: - Bicep 32.5cm, Forearm 27cm Size based on Bicep = M Size based on Forearm = XL
  4. Curious to see the favorite tire size preference for the favorite 16" EUC category....
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