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Found 3 results

  1. I’ve had a Solowheel for several months and use it to get between buildings I work in in Seattle. A few nights ago I went on a 5mile journey and right before I got to my destination it suddenly shutoff causing me to face plant. Luckily I wasn’t going full speed but I’m shocked that there is any possibility of these devices doing such a thing. I can’t find any other posts of this happening to others so I’m a bit mystified. The best theory I have is damage from water spray but all the manual says is don’t ride in heavy rain. The streets I rode on were still damp from earlier rain but nothing like heavy rain, plus I see others riding these wheels in Seattle all the time and in the rain. The unit is now dead and doesn’t turn on or charge. Just curious if anyone has heard or situations like this? I’ve contacted the company and I’m waiting to hear what they have say. Heres the post I made to my friends about the incident if you care. Had a bit of a nightmare situation last night. Some may know that I bought a Solowheel a while back and I’ve been using it to get around the Amazon campus so I can get to and from back to back meetings in different buildings. Last night we had a team dinner that was 5miles from the office in Seattle and with traffic being so bad I thought this would be a fun opportunity to ride it there. I’d never ridden it so far and I wanted to see how it would handle on the rough city sidewalks. Well I was doing just fine and was only two blocks from the restaurant when suddenly I found myself flat on the ground and sliding to a stop basically on my hands and elbows. I think I was going around 10-15mph. Evidently the unit decided to shutoff with no warning. It’s a direct drive motor which means when it shut off the wheel stopped turning. I had zero time to react and fell like a tree except a tree travelling at 15mph as it falls. I had thought about what would happen if the machine malfunctioned and turned off and had naively thought I’d have time to react by running forward to catch myself. Boy was I wrong. I don’t even remember falling, one second I was whizzing along and the next I was sliding forward on my face. Actually it’s amazing that I didn’t face plant I must have instinctively placed my arms out as I ended up sort of in the plank position. So what happened? Best I can tell I think the unit shorted out from water. The streets were wet from earlier rain and a few times I went though some pretty wet spots. It’s also a possibility that the battery gave out since near the end it was getting low but I don’t think that’s it since a low battery is supposed to result in a gradual slow down in speed not an immediate shutdown. Overall I’m amazed I’m not more injured. I ripped my jacket and jeans and I have scrapes on my hands, elbows and one of my knees. This morning I’m really stiff and sore but thankful it didn’t end worse. As for the solowheel I left it plugged in at the office last night but there was no sign of life so I may have fried the electronics. Not sure I can trust it now even if it comes back to life.
  2. Hi all! Yesterday I was out with some more and less experienced friends trying to learn to master the KS-16. One of my friends, who were trying for the second time and who are not at all able to ride without support tried to hop on by himself. He was practicing this for a couple of times. This ended up with him falling forward on the ground in a quite unlucky way so that he ended up with a fracture on one of his fingers and now he is bandaged for three weeks. As many other people he did not remember what happened that made him fall, if it was him doing something wrong or if the wheel behaved in an unexpected manner and so on. At that time I also chatted with two of the other friends who we were hanging out with and did not take any notice of what he was doing, therefore I have no idea myself either. With an unexperienced rider I would not have suspected anything else than that he made some mistake, BUT: while at the hospital, when we were walking - quite fast in a long open corridor - from the emergency department to the x-ray department I used the trolley handle bar to move the wheel while walking. After perhaps 20 to 30 meters I noticed that it suddenly powered off. The auto-balance was lost, the LED lighting turned off and yes, it was clearly powered off... After the visit at the hospital, I have powered it on again, walked with it in various angles, various speed, rapidly switching between forward and backward movements and so on, trying to reproduce the behavior, but have not managed to accomplish that. I am a bit confused as to what really happened ( and slightly worried if I can trust the wheel now or not...) and why and what to do now. Do any of you here have any advice? If I for example would disassemble the wheel and look for anything that may have caused this, what would I then look for?
  3. So I've had my Ninebot One E+ about three months now, and have put over 350 Miles on it. In that time I only had one shutoff which I accepted as my fault for overpowering it on a funny piece of sidewalk that dipped and quickly inclined sharply. I also kind of pumped my legs and I did a faceplant that messed up my palms a little. It wasn't too bad though and I adjusted my riding style and didn't have any other issues... until today. I had ridden 7 miles earlier in the day without issue, although it did fall over on it's side once when I was stopped waiting for a light, but I made it home no problem. I charged it again for almost an hour since I had to ride to work and back home again later (about 4.2 miles) I made it about 1.5 miles to work and (luckily) while I was waiting at the light waiting to cross it shutoff without warning. I had one arm propping me up against the light pole so I didn't fall, and although it turned on again immediately after, it continued to shutoff as soon as I stood on it. I ended up having to carry it the rest of the way to work. I did take off the pads to see if there was any loose connections or anything visibly wrong but could not find any. I reassembled it and just for a moment thought things were back to normal, when it shutoff again and two times after that during my testing. Needless to say I will not be riding it again until I contact ninebot and hopefully get a replacement control board or something. A shame really because I really really really like riding my ninebot, but I realize how badly it could have gone if it had shutoff while moving. I will update this post once I get in contact with Ninebot, and FYI I was on firmware 1.3.5. and the control board ver is 1.3
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