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Found 6 results

  1. Godmorning world! New to this site, acculy just found it for a hour ago and looked around ( Looks realy lovley ) To my quastion, i bought an inmotion awhile ago and i just love it. I do now whant to upgrade myself to an V8 tho i scanned the google it looks like ( atleast what i found ) to be vry expensive with shipping costs so on. ( Or the cost was like 1000+$ ) Req: I would love to buy a Inmotion v8 ( Can even buy an used one, if it still legit and not broken ) i would love to get some good respons where to get one for around 5-600$ or even cheaper if someone knows like order from china or so ( if its safe and not come broken ) sorry for my english but hope you guys can understand! Have a wonderful day, sweden over and out * If it dident accure, i live in sweden. So i need a safe shipping to my hometown
  2. Hey guys, my son will be leaving the USA's Capitol City and going to live in France's Capitol City for 6 months to attend the Paris School of Business very soon; January. I am thinking that I want to ship to him the 18L so that he will have non-public transportation and a cool way to take-in the entire city. It seemed like a good idea at first, but I have some reservations. I have heard from reliable sources that French customs is strict on some items; mainly new electronics coming into the country. I have heard some horror stories about them detaining electronics at customs that then disappear off the map. It has been suggested to me that the trick is to ship it as a used personal item - which it is. Has anyone on the forum done this? Does anyone have any suggestions about how I might get the 18L to my son in France without issue? Is it better to rent an EUC in Paris, or will that be too expensive? Are EUC rentals even available in Paris? I am exploring options, but he is leaving DC in a months time so I sort of need to establish a real plan rather quickly. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, recommendations.
  3. I came across this summary of regulations for shipping batteries. Since this issue regularly comes up in the forums, I thought it would be useful to post the article and start a new thread to accumulate any specific experiences from forum members. Lithium-Ion Shipping and Travel Regulations: What You Need to Know
  4. hanjin not paying bills, hold world hostage... http://time.com/4494554/hanjin-bankruptcy-shipping-trailer-shortage/
  5. I hope to populate this list with more information and maybe help some other new people in deciding where to buy and feel more comfortable when buying from China. Please post; Supplier or website you got it from Item you got Shipping duration (from point of order till it reached your door) Your location Cost above what the list price was (any extra fees and shipping costs) Reliable Suppliers Item, Shipping duration - Location of customer, Shipping cost Electric Unicycle Online IPS 260+, 25 Days - TN USA, $168 Fedex - Express / DHL IPS Zero, 27 Days - Netherlands Europe, 145.46 USD Shipping Total 645.38USD IPS Zero 260, 15 Days - Germany, 145 EUR total 456 EUR Parrot Uncle Ebay Store Nine Bot One E+ (N20), 20 Days - Australia, $870 USD (used) including shipping Alibaba VicTech, OEM X9 , 20 Days - Kansas USA, $100 USD shipping, Star Stores, NineBot One E+, 29 Days - Unknown Location, $760 USD (Late Shipping and forgot training wheels) Snapshot, SML L-Enjoy, Refunded Payment With Buyer Protection AliExpress Store No.1908673, Gotway MCM4, 8 Days Belgium, Free Shipping, Custom Charges 54€, Total 538€ NinebotUS Ninebot One E+ , 6 Days - Clearwater FL, $950 Free Shipping Future Unicycle IPS, King Song, 9-18 Days USA, Free Shipping (From China) Solo Wheel, InMotion, Ninebot 4-7 days shipping (From USA) Bang Good TG F3 350W 3 Day - California, $240 Free Shipping Ninebot.cn Ninebot One C, 3 Days - Shanghai, Zero shipping IamIPS IPS Zero 340, 12 Days - Belgium, Total price $770 USD IPS Zero 340, 14 Days - Netherlands, Total price $770 USD Will @ www.electricunicyclereviews.com( correct link?) King Song 14" 680wh 18 Days - California (shipping cost?) Unicycle Distribution MCM4, 8 Days - Belgium, Free shipping Total price € 538 monowiel.be Ninebot One E+, 2-3 Days - Belgium € 5 Shipping Neale Gray King Songs 14C 680Wh, 30 Days
  6. Two days ago I placed an order with GearBest for my first wheel, a TG T3. Today they informed me: "We regret to tell you we can't ship your order out because the China Air Transportation Association prohibit it. No shipping company in China will accept packages for Unicycle Scooters and Wheels." They gave me the option to change my order to either 1) pick from a list of two wheel 'hoverboards' or 2) cancel and refund. Well, I cancelled the order and after reading these forums put one in to ElectricUnicycleReviews for a King Song 14" 800/680. Has anyone else been notified of this air shipping ban? I'll keep you updated on the status of shipment.
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