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Found 3 results

  1. When I purchased my Ninebot One E+ (thank you untilgone.com) I started out learning to ride on the outside of a tennis court. I wasted about a week on this. The grass outside the court was way to irregular and it really annoyed the dogs living in the adjacent property. I finally smarted up and moved inside onto the smooth asphalt. The attraction of the tennis courts was the fence to cling to for support and the enclosed area. I've had a couple of experiences of my wheel cruising away nicely on its own. I'm still testing my tether design. The learning process proved painful. My ankle bones and my shins complained bitterly. Shadow Conspiracy Super Slim Ankle Guards and Shadow Invisa-Lite Shin Guards solved the pain problem. The shin guards are easy to twist to cover the inside of my shins. With the pain gone, the wheel became amenable to control. BTW, riding gear includes a helmet, fabric motorcycle jacket with shoulder/elbow armor as well as a level 2 back pad and Shadow Invisa-Lite Knee Guards I found Kuji Rolls youtube video, How to ride electric unicycle most helpful. His approach is learn to ride the wheel first and then learn how to mount it. Last week I declared my independence of the tennis court fence and within a few minutes I was able to mount from either foot. The hardest part of learning to mount was getting my body (weight) forward. I found swaying back and forward on the wheel the best exercise to learn the correct riding posture. If your posture is not forward on the wheel you will have little control and you look like an unattractive hula dancer as you roll around. Today I had my first ride in the wild. I dropped my car off about a half mile from home and as I had the wheel in the car I decided to ride the wheel home. The route is all private roads so I didn't think I could wreak too much havoric. It was good to experience the irregularities of a real road. I did have some set back. I don't know why as I doubt if I was near the top speed of the e+. The battery was at 26%. Two weeks ago I ordered my next wheel (Kingsong KS16S). Unfortunately it arrived early. It's now setting in its box mewing at me to let it out. Pennbruce Las Vegas for the winter North East PA for the summer
  2. i stumbled off my msuper turning around on a steep hill - to prevent it from crashing down the hill i dug in with my right leg and it bashed my shin... hurt like a mother, and couldn't ride either of my wheels for almost a week (without padding). so now i've still got a bump there, but it's improved and there's no more pain. after that i decided to get shin guards. these are cool because they're super lightweight, only have one strap, and i think are adequate for not-so-serious collisions/stumblings - they definitely would have prevented my injury, as the padding is right where the contusion occurred. https://www.amazon.com/Scott-Grenade-EVO-Shin-Guards/dp/B06Y1CZCQF
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