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Found 4 results

  1. Since the beginning I have been pondering on how to weight balance my EUC to minimize the wobble created by an unbalanced wheel. "Beginner legs" or tense legs do ofcourse cause wobble, but I don't want the wheel to add to it. This has also been asked a few times here, and today I've finally found a decent, reproducible way to do this! You need a kitchen scale with a precision of 1 gram, and ofcourse the weights. I bought the weights from a local store that sells parts and accessories to cars and motorcycles, among everything else. First determine which side to use for the weights: 1. Put a strip of masking tape to the tyre, from the air valve across to the other side. 2. Set up a (phone) camera to record video, as in the pic above. Slow motion video works best. 3. Sit on a chair and start the EUC. 4. Use both hands on the handle to rise the EUC from the ground. Find the balance so that you can keep the tire still. 5. Very slowly start to accelerate forward. When you feel the wobble at it's strongest, hold on to that speed for 5 seconds or so. 6. Stop and watch the video. You should see the wobble, usually both up-down and sideways. If the EUC turns right when at it's low position, attach the weights to the right side. If left, attach to the left. Now locate the spots for the weights. A kitchen scale rarely measures past 5 kg or so, so you need to distribute the weight of the wheel. Most rigid half a meter long things will do. I used a leftover piece of an in house floor board. Make sure none of the parts of the system touches anything soft, as this will mess the measurements. 1. Place the EUC on it's side on the very end of the board. Face the handle to the free end of the board. 2. Place the kitchen scale under the other end of the board. Place a small rigid box (or any suitable thing) between the scale and the board. 3. If the weight on the scale is out of range, move the EUC even further to the end of the board. 4. Turn the wheel by hand to locate the masking tape, and write down the number on the scale. 5. Very carefully rotate the wheel forward to the next motor bolt. This is usually 1/12th of a full cycle. Write down the number on the scale, and repeat until you are back at the masking tape. 6. Locate the position where the weight on the scale is at it's high point, and place the weight to the wheel. Repeat part 5 until the weight difference is under 5 grams or so. Now turn on and lift up the EUC again. If there is still a notable a side-to-side wobble, shoot another video. Locate the spot that is facing forward when the wheel turns to the side the weights are on. Move the closest weight to the other side, and check if the wobble went away. With the above process I was able to minimize the wobble to a tiny shake at full speed.
  2. Hello! I'm new here and am having some trouble. I jumped straight in attempting to fix and broken IPS Zero. It came into my possession not working. I replaced the fuse and experienced a Judder/Shudder/Shake when switched on. I did some more poking around with the old multimeter and realised there were four mosfets that had failed. I also notice that one of the hall effect sensors was not working. I replaced the mosfets and hall effect sensor. Now when I switch it on it shakes violently, it can occasionally get the wheel spinning. But it goes super fast! I wonder if anyone has a schematic for the board? Everything I have tested appears to be nominal values. I wonder if it could have a reflash of the firmware? Any suggestions appreciated
  3. Newbie to EUCs, just got mine a few weeks ago. I'm wondering if this is normal, or should I demand a new one, or perhaps try to fix it. When I lift the EUC off ground, it spins to max speed and soon turns off. While the wheel is slowing down, the whole device shakes quite strongly. Looking at the edge of the rim it goes up and down in relation to the EUC shell, as if the wheel axle was slightly off-center. I'm a beginner and my riding is not smooth enough for me to notice it while riding. Here's a video to demonstrate the issue. Is this normal?
  4. So first off I'm not too sure if this is an actual issue but my mom thinks it is. When I get off my hoverboard, every now and then (and its so rare that this happens) it shakes/vibrates for a second on the foot that's still on the board. Recently my friend did something incredibly stupid and hover-boarded over to a table and lifted his weight of the board while his feet remain on the pedals. The hoverboard shook for like 5 seconds as I yelled at him to get off of it. Keep in mind he was using MY board. My mom thinks that the shaking is a problem and is very concerned about it (I mean shes a mom it's kinda her job to be concerned about anything remotely "out of wack"). I told her it was normal for boards to do that and it wasn't just my board. And im positive that it is because I've seen name brand boards such as IO-Hawk or UWheels on you tube do that shake when someone either gets off or leaves some of their weight on it. My point is: can someone please confirm that this shake happens to all boards and you just have to either keep all your weight on the board or just get off of it completely?
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